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Monday, June 30, 2008


Phew! What a month. The ups and downs have been enough to put me off even thinking about ever going on a roller coaster again (not that I would have before this month...:-D). I can’t really choose a favorite out of this batch, though I do sort of like this one, from June 12:

he sweats over singing
the old ballad properly
boxer outside the ring

I chuckled on remembering the dream. I’ve started singing in the chorus here and it’s raised a slew of old family issues for me (my father was a professional singer, and his parents sang in Vaudeville, etc.). But I’ve been very determined not only to give it a really good shot, but to enjoy it.

Ultimately, I think the following dream tanka from June 6 draws me most. If nothing else this month I was nudged again and again to see how truly mysterious life is at core and to be nourished by that:


A very long walk
through brick halls to the kitchen
following their leads.
At the center her husband
cups mystery in his palm.


June 1, 2008

a son plays poker
to engage his distant father
old back alley game

June 2, 2008

she thanks Johnny Depp
for the strawberry ice cream
so many dark seeds

June 3, 2008

embrace from behind
a lively blond woman
only vaguely recalled

June 4, 2008

he tries to cut
my little yellow purse strap
subway encounter

June 5, 2008

(experimental dream tanka pair from one dream)

The rich star and I
dance together for a while.
She is deeply moved
when I say: Do not let your
bright fire burn you out.

As we catch our breaths,
she pulls out her pen and asks:
How can I help you?
Afraid she’ll feel used again
I can’t think of anything.

June 6, 2008

(dream tanka)

A very long walk
through brick halls to the kitchen
following their leads.
At the center her husband
cups mystery in his palm.

June 7, 2008

(dream tanka)

the floor of the lift
dissolves from under my feet
softly suddenly
at the bottom of the cliff
I grasp for hand holds back up

June 8, 2008

joyful desert hike
I move my new backup disks
to deeper cover

June 9, 2008

distant view
that dark haired Don Juan hurries
to help the new maid

June 10, 2008

getting ready
no need to thaw the soup,
tomorrow’s Thanksgiving

June 11, 2008

tryst in the dark
she, a liberated woman
or he, the seducer

June 12, 2008

he sweats over singing
the old ballad properly
boxer outside the ring

June 13, 2008


The car is crowded
with a family’s seven kids.
One teenage daughter
gives birth during the long ride,
she is now considered wise.

*"Wise woman" is a positive term for crone or elder. Although not specifically referenced as such in the dream, it was my immediate association on waking and therefore has relevance to the dream. On googling it I came across the Native American Hopi Indian statement "When the Grandmothers speak the earth will be healed."

June 14, 2008

(dreamku & tanka pair from same dream)

we each try on
various sized mailing tubes
orderly chaos

I put her in a
long mailing tube to help her
it’s quite difficult
to fit down the curved sink drain
I let her breathe, then try again

June 15, 2008

she wants me I him he her no exit*

* "No Exit" is the title of an old movie in which just this scenario is a metaphor for Hell. The dream did not feel "hellish," I was only vaguely disappointed during it. However, I frequently do not feel the deep underlying emotions of a dream until I wake and work with it. On writing out this dream and recognizing its "no exit" triangle I did have much deeper feeling than vague disappointment.

June 16, 2008

baseball size droppings
thud all around
birds perch high above

June 17, 2008

children in the surf
my two empty satchels
under the moonlight

June 18, 2008

a young boy shows us
how to work the locked door
starlit beach

June 19, 2008

first day on the job
lost in the large office
I wash my hair instead

June 20, 2008

the dark-haired beauty
aces the entrance exam
pedicurist school

June 21, 2008

(dreamku pair from one dream)

flying to Barbados
north of Africa, I say
she overshoots twice

rooftop discotheque
checking door after door
for Barbados

June 22, 2008

he kisses each eye
but doesn’t get to my mouth
a sick woman needs help

June 23, 2008

(dreamku pair from one dream)

a large plaque of white
uncooked pastry dough
her motorcycle logo

transparent around
and open at the front
my motorcycle shield

June 24, 2008

he rolls end-over-end
in his rose-colored carton
life on the streets

Jun 25, 2008


I rush again down
subway stairs to a station
this time strange men pace
in the dusty dark corners
dare I ask one to help me

dropped conversation
an old male friend turns to ask
if I want a token

where am I where is there to go subway

*A dream tanka, a regular dreamku, and a one-line dreamku, written about the same dream.

June 26, 2008

one way only
the relaxing train ride
up the rocky coast

June 27, 2008


she lost a child
he, his mentor and friend
they keep their own counsels

he softly asks
where she’ll send her writing now
she answers, Cleveland

June 28, 2008


grief tears out of me
before the plate glass window
bitter relief

grief’s turbulent wake
if only she’d lived and he’d
not been abusive

June 29, 2008

he dictates a note
about a dying tenant
slumlord doctor

June 30, 2008


the bright light
of the popular movement
seductive young man

crowded boulevard
he tells us to spread out
and form a circle

too many seekers
a man mashed up against me
from behind

I step away from
the entranced circling group
the masher runs off

he stuffs something
in the trunk of his waiting car
my grey coat is gone

old convertible
I describe its long lines
to the police

the loose green fringe
of a borrowed shawl
safety pin repair

*A dream from June 28, 2008, in seven dreamku.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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