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Saturday, March 05, 2011


I’m at a loss for how to introduce this month’s dreamku and photos. Lots of worrisome things were going on in February, both in my immediate community and inside myself. It’s March 5th as I type this, and so far my personal month has been a bit more hopeful, but not really any less stressful. Then I think beyond my narrow world and acknowledge how much I have to be grateful for. And put out prayers that the political upheavals around the globe are ultimately in the service of positive change.


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February 1, 2011

[I have a doctor appointment this morning so don't have time to do a lengthy post. The above is one of my favorite flowers on our grounds. Even the leaves of these blooms are wonderful; they grow in a delightful regular pattern, though you can't see that very well in this particular picture. It's these sorts of growing things that make me fervently wish I had the wherewithal* to join the gardening club. Oh, to have hands-on experience supporting the growth of beauties like these! Why I can't do this? My arthritis is in too many joints. So I take photo after photo, and enjoy them that way. Image "Opening to the Light" by Roswila. *wherewithal = the word I chose today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. (Scroll way down to get to the words.) I'm using a word or two a day from this list just for the fun of it, but also to perk up my language.]

February 2, 2011


a handsome young actor
dies in a dark restaurant
no apparent cause

I have to tell
his aging wife of her loss
pain spreads slowly
across her comely* visage,
a distant sun going nova

[a dreamku and a tanka on a dream of 2-2-11. Image “Winter Solstice” by Roswila *comely = the word I chose today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. (Scroll way down to get to the words.) I'm using a word or two a day from this list just for the fun of it, but also to perk up my language.]

February 3, 2011


the shipment arrives
unordered aqua clam shells
line the narrow box

instructions say to
rub a clear plastic bag
a pineapple smell
rises from the roots inside:
their ad did not dissemble*

[a dreamku and a tanka on a dream of 2-2-11. Image by Roswila. *dissemble = the word I chose today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. (Scroll way down to get to the words.) I'm using a word or two a day from this list just for the fun of it, but also to perk up my language.]

February 4, 2011


gazillions of green
beanie bag person-shaped toys
on the summery* rise
we pop green clown noses
on to all the bigger ones

a bedraggled one
catches my eye from shadow
I quickly move it
to rest among the others,
no matter it has no face

[two tanka on a dream of 2-3-11. Image "Solar Power" by Roswila. *summery = the word I chose today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. (Scroll way down to get to the words.) I'm using a word or two a day from this list just for the fun of it, but also to perk up my language.]

February 5, 2011


wooden floorboards
and a long dark hallway
many reside here
in this upper west side
New York city apartment share

I’ve been invited
to visit an acquaintance
she’s not home they say
other guests come and go
as I write a note to her

sorry for my scribbling I write wayward pencil

[two tanka and a monoku on a dream of 2-5-11. Image by Roswila. *erstwhile = the word I chose today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. (Scroll way down to get to the words.) I'm using a word or two a day from this list just for the fun of it, but also to perk up my language.]

February 6, 2011


my best woman friend
and I have each entered
the photo contest
I’ve taken the required series
of one then four pictures

I’ve also picked the song
I’ll sing to complete my entry
we get on the bus
and I start singing my song
to the hunched over driver

“Hi-lilli Hi-lilli Hi-lo....” my recall fails

[two tanka and a monoku on a dream of 2-5-11. Image "End of the Romance" by Roswila. No word used today from the list in the book by Dr. Robert Beard ”The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”, as I have been doing. Just didn’t feel like taking the time to fit one in as I’m running tremendously behind schedule.]

February 7, 2011

the bus awaits us
we line up in our costumes
for the trip back home

“lions and tigers
and bears, oh my,” get checked off
the passenger list
I carry my bear costume
it’s too warm to wear it now

my name gets checked I turn sadly as I embark

[a dreamku, tanka, and monoku on a dream of 2-6-11. Far more than to “The Wizard of Oz” (those words in quotes which I said to myself in the dream) I associate this dream to the movie version of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Especially that turning sadly at the end as I get on the bus. That’s exactly what characters do as they get on the bus at the end of the movie, without the one who’d portrayed Christ. Image by Roswila. I’m not continuing with using a word-a-day from that list. I was beginning to resent doing it. Well, duh, dummy, just stop!

February 8, 2011


she slips her lap desk
from under the pieces of
a jigsaw puzzle
her lap desk has other uses
the puzzle can wait for now

[a tanka on a dream of 2-7-11. Image by Roswila.

February 9, 2011

[No dream recall for last night, but every time I woke up I was thinking about and/or visualizing The Princess of Wands in the Thoth Tarot deck:

This card could be corresponded to the Page of Wands in most other decks. Though there has been some discussion that it's more powerful and more like a usual Knight. The Thoth deck court cards are Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess; as opposed to the more common King, Queen, Knight and Page. So correspondence for courts in this deck to other decks is largely a matter of personal experience and preference. I tend to experience a Page of Wands correspondence, with a bit more intensity. And that's why I've chosen the top photo above. It's a possible Page of Wands for my Found Tarot deck (scroll way down to various photos in this deck-in-progress).]

February 10, 2011


Matthew Perry asks
if I’d like a ride back home
afternoon visit

he doesn’t recall
my appearance on Friends but
I am familiar
we chat quite amiably
as I go through what to pack

Brenda’s things and mine
crowd a shopping bag
I don’t even want
all I bought – reams of paper
would be too much to carry

I’ll leave much behind
and won’t regret it at all
traveling light

[a dreamku, two tanka, and another dreamku on a dream of 2-9-11. Image by Roswila]

February 11, 2011


she reviews her draft
on the computer over
and over again
no grammar goofs or typos
but there’s one poem missing

the absent poem’s
way down at the beginning
how can she fix this
the draft book’s tightly written,
intricately interwoven

[two tanka on a dream of 2-11-10. Image by Roswila]

February 12, 2011


the tasks before us
continue to be extensive
overwhelmed trio

our new brain implants
upping neural net options
are also too much
our captain turns them off in
himself and the vague third person

he says I can handle the surges patience the key

[a dreamku, tanka, and monoku on a dream of 2-11-11. It wasn’t clear in the dream whether the captain is indicating I am capable of handling the surges, or that I am just being assigned that task whether I have clear capability or not. I suppose it doesn’t really matter because I do have to handle them, no matter. And patience is always the key, at least for me. Image by Roswila.]

February 13, 2011


the lid she puts on
the deepest family denial:
the Pentacle Three

she sits there too young
to be so prepossessed
the one who senses
her life long work will be to
plumb this oubliette

[a dreamku and a tanka on a dream of 2-12-11. In Tarot one can determine a family of cards by one's astrology sign, birthdate, and numerology. My most basic card is the Three of Pentacles, the flag word for which is often said to be "work." Image by Roswila]

February 14, 2011

[No dream recall, just the certainty I dreamed heavily. BTW, I know it's Valentine's Day but I'm not feeling much like putting up a special greeting. So consider this mention an acknowledgment of the date. Image “Eye of the Dragon” by Roswila]

February 15, 2011

[No dream recall again, or rather extremely vague and brief. The photo above is one I've always sort of liked. The way those callas almost seem to drape like cloth. We get some very tall ones by our front entrance each year. For someone who'd never seen callas live before moving here 3 years ago, I find them quite spectacular; as do many life-long CA residents. Image by Roswila]

February 16, 2011


her husband’s painting
grabs me immediately
she and he chatter
behind me as I gaze
mesmerized and delighted

it’s rather mythic
yet subtle and also grand
different stages
of a relationship both form
and follow a forest stream

the couple’s banter
gives me momentary pause
they’re long-time swingers
and he’s close enough to me
to heat my ear with his breath

I’m ill at ease with
but also titillated
by his hovering
I point out underlying
form in his painting he’d not seen

his delighted eyes
surprise at my insight
or a man on the make

[four tanka and a dreamku on a dream of 2-15-11. Image by Roswila]

February 17, 2011

[No real dream recall from last night; just that vague awareness of having dreamed. The photo above is one of a batch I took from many different angles and floors of our residence. I'd gone out to do a favor for a friend and was feeling a bit sorry for myself for having agreed to do so (my arthritis has been really acting up). Then I saw that gorgeous full Leo moon and thought, wow, see what happens sometimes while you're busy grousing? I'd known there was a full moon due but had forgotten entirely about it, and would have missed it if I'd not said yes to my friend's request. This photo is the only one in the batch, however, that even approaches decent and interesting. As I've said many times before here, I just don't have the camera for these sorts of sky shots. I call this one "NOAH'S ARK," and that's about how I've been feeling emotionally. Things are pretty intense, but I'm sensing there's more to come and if I could prepare, I would. Image "Noah's Ark" by Roswila]

February 18, 2011



at first they don’t hear
then don’t believe what she knows:
he abuses drugs


almost the whole town
lines up against him and her
the town’s ignorance
of good plant care obvious
in their shouts that these two stop

[a dreamku and a tanka on two separate dreams of 2-17-11. Image by Roswila]

February 19, 2011

[No dream recall but this time I'm clear on why. I occasionally set an alarm to wake me if I have to be out and about by a particular time. Almost always, I wake several minutes before it goes off. I deeply dislike being woken by an alarm and my unconscious must, too. But once in a while, as this morning, the alarm actually does jar me awake. When that happens whatever dream was in progress - and often whatever dreams I'd recalled on waking earlier in the night -- disappear. Shattered and dispersed like so much dust by the noise. Unlike the feeling I get from the above photo. One can imagine that the light is slowly and gently waking and warming the colors. Image by Roswila]

February 20, 2011


we quickly view some
photo-collages in a row
sepia flash cards

that they’re all of me
makes me quite ill at ease
portraits and pieces

one portrait captures
me but is stiff and awkward
another’s way too
pretty and young but smiles as
I wish I could: openly

the most disturbing:
a collage of my legs
each leg cut into
a long narrow crescent shape
before pasting it down

I defend the choice
the artist made to do this
residual dis-ease

[two dreamku, two tanka, and a dreamku on a dream of 2-19-11. I've chosen one of my collages rather than a photo to accompany this dreamku. I did this not too long before I moved here from New York city, at the request of my dear friend Stef, on the cover of her wedding reception sign-in book. Image: a collage by Roswila]

February 21, 2011

[Now, what excuse today to explain no new dreamku with the photo? Same old, same old, no recall. As usual I'm aware I dreamed but that's it. I'm beginning to wonder if the new anti-anxiety/depressant I'm on is fooling around with my sleep and therefor my dream recall. Could be. However, I've read they usually prompt extra vivid dreams. Go figure! That's been the story of my life -- to react exactly opposite to what's expected of me. And that's only partly a joke; especially with respect to meds and even herbs. I decided just to scroll rapidly through my photos starting with the oldest and put up the first to really grab me whether or not I'm all that happy with it. These palms -- especially the one on the right -- are my favorites on our grounds. I love watching their seasonal changes. Right now that one on the right has a very fuzzy tipped new "sword" of a frond sticking pretty much straight up like a flag. Or at least it still did yesterday. It remains to be seen what it looks like today after all the wind we had yesterday. Image by Roswila (a possible not yet posted Three of Wands in my Found Tarot deck-in-progress -- scroll way down for Found Tarot posts)]

February 22, 2011


comparing poems
by Whitman and Eliot –
sweep, THE WASTELAND's darkness –
weight my holding hands

I make no claim to
full knowledge of either one
my point is simply
that threads I’ve noticed
here, there, here connect them

[two tanka on a dream of 2-22-11. As in the dream, I make no claim to in-depth knowledge of either of these poems. Especially “Song of Myself” which I am now enticed to read entirely through again soon and really study it. I consider myself somewhat more conversant with “The Wasteland” as I wrote a well-received paper on it decades ago for a college course (during my one brief run at getting a BA). Image by Roswila]

February 23, 2011

triple X dreaming
I wake up way too warm and
fan with my comforter

[dreamku on a dream of 2-22-11. Image by Roswila]

February 24, 2011

the healed old tree
yields up two clean long branches
wands for magic work
the graceful sinuous one
moves when power flows through it

can I afford the cost of its food live white mice

[a tanka and a monoku on a dream of 2-23-11. Image “Leaving Eden” by Roswila]

February 25, 2011


a married man sits
next to me in the theatre
trustworthy aura

he wants me to have
a folder of photographs
someone left behind
“I’ll find the owner” I say
he asserts “They’re yours now”

[a dreamku and a tanka on a dream of 2-24-11. Image by Roswila]

February 26, 2011


I’m told her auto
fell apart around her as
she drove in traffic
just vanished into thin air
dumping her on the boulevard

[tanka on the end of a dream of 2-26-11. Image: "After Salvador Dali" by Roswila]

February 27, 2011


the flat head of a
large nail sticks up a bit from
his adam’s apple
I worry it will become flush
and then sink all the way in

he lies back talking
normally and unconcerned
another nail head
protrudes the same way from
the middle of his third eye

memory’s kicked in
before learning can happen
what’s been sacrificed

[two tanka and a dreamku on a dream of 2-27-11. Image by Roswila]

February 28, 2011


I keep the strange dog
from entering their home
house sitting job

it struggles a lot
so I have to hold it close
a smaller dog bites
the throat of the dog I hold
its jaws tightly lock on

with my free hand I
try to squash the windpipe
of the biting dog
my hand aches but the small dog’s
jaws will just not let go

[a dreamku and two tanka on a dream of 2-28-11. Image by Roswila]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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