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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You’ll note in the title to this post I’ve added “PHOTOS.” I’ve now got a huge collection of pictures I’ve been taking and will be sharing one with each dreamku post. (I’ve started this toward the last of June’s daily posts below.) Digital photography has become my newest passion. I’ve never done photography of any sort before, so am learning by trial and error, and loving the process. As to how I choose a photo to go with a post, I do what is often done in traditional haiga and taiga. That is, I don’t choose a photo to necessarily literally reflect the writing, but one that somehow subtly or even in a very slant way echos some aspect of the dreamku and/or tanka.

Now to the ‘kus and tankas. This dreamku series following pretty much encapsulates the month for me. Dealing with lots of disconnects with my outer world, and under all that, recognizing how much fear I need to deal with, am doing my best to cope with.


beach house gathering
there’s agreement something joyful’s
in the offing

my silent question
why the assumption by all
what comes will be good

dark wave on dark wave
threatens the house foundations
will it float us all

I imagine how
to make a raft of floorboards
riding out the fear

And this dream/ku made me laugh at the time and still does:

sweet young co-worker
only two of his four heads
actually thinks


June 1, 2009


someone dies
all react blandly but me
life in the arctic

I feel an earthquake
but no one wants to know it
deaf ears

proof at last
machines spew seismic records
of the earthquake

[dreamku series on a dream of 5/29/09]

June 2, 2009

I happily
sink into his hug
interloper thoughts

[dreamku on a dream of 5/26/09]

June 3, 2009


all the originals
tumble out the xerox back
wet page roller

I peel soggy tissue
off the long sticky platen
old jury-rigged repair

she's begun sorting
the hundreds of originals
unexpected help

the other shoves a
page at me she doesn't like
unexpected hurt

[dreamku series on a dream of 6/1/09]

June 4, 2009



disappointing only a few arrive in costume

one woman’s outfit
of fuchsia and spangles

he yells at me
when I ask for clarity
party game leader
he splits hairs later no apology

I try to help
what game could he lead instead
to warm groups up


nails hidden
in her lover’s pillow
my finger pricked

to point the nails out
will expose his deception
would I be blamed

I don’t fink on him
she’ll find out soon enough
on her own

I sense three costumed women
unconscious in the pillow
this can’t be ignored

solution! wake
and help break them out
I’ll not stand alone

[dreamku series, including two dream monoku, on a dream of 6/1/09]

June 5, 2009

dark archways
Dad’s penciling in
his eyebrows again

[dreamku on a dream of 6/2/09]

June 6, 2009

my skeleton key
breaks off in the lock

[dreamku on a dream of 3/22/08; old dream/ku with current resonance]

June 7, 2009

a young Asian woman
rushes to save her boyfriend
I know the dark dog
attacking him will kill her
but it only rips her sheer dress

[dream tanka on a dream of 6/6/09]

June 8, 2009


the side dish for
their famous barbecue ribs
twelve stops on a route

not separate songs
each point along the way
one note in a melody

a lyric line
advice for one dark brother
don't sell yourself short

[dreamku series on a dream of 6/7/09]

June 9, 2008

sweet young co-worker
only two of his four heads
actually thinks

[dreamku on a dream of 6/8/09. Don't ask me, I don't have a clue! Well, tell a lie, I do associate this to "being of two minds" about something. And now as I type this, I have an association to the four Jungian psychology functions of thinking, intuition, feeling, and sensation. Thinking is obvious, and intuition has been said to be lightning fast thinking; feeling and sensation are not thinking-oriented. Although I read some place that the "judging" involved in the feeling function can be interpreted as thought, I've always understood it as a gut valuation with no mentation. So what does all this mean to the dream? Maybe that I'm new (young) to having all four functions more fully on board. In the dream his main thinking head was on his neck, and the other three were on his back but out in the open. For the record, on a Jungian "test" I have I've always come out as an intuitive feeler. To add to this confusion, see also dreamku series above of June 4, THE COSTUME PARTY that advises at the end that I rescue three others, making four of us.]

June 10, 2009

she's packing to move
without giving me notice
long deceased roommate

[dreamku on a dream of 6/9/09. This dream precipitated a massive amount of journal writing, e.g., even my ghosts desert me. However, being deserted by one’s ghosts is not necessarily something to be sad about, either for oneself or for the ghosts.]

June 11, 2009

photos of shoes hang
changing color at a touch
what does this matter

[dreamku on a dream of 6/9/09. For all its rather "downer" tone, this dream was actually a reminder that my new project taking digital photos and developing a Tarot deck from them as an offshoot, matters a great deal. Anything that gets me out of my room and into the fresh air would, but especially a project that engages creative energy and enthusiasm. I've even begun to wonder if I could try looking at everything in life the way I do when I'm "hunting" photos. I.e., taking in what is striking or intriguing or unique, what has interesting contrasts, what moves me to hang around and wonder, and so on ... and respect all the rest but not focus on it.]

June 12, 2009

hired as a temp
to help write a massive will
round table discussion

[dreamku on a dream of 6/8/09. Dunno! However, I am struck as I type with the idea of "will" as a noun, being a play on "will" as in the power to choose.]

June 13, 2009

she ignores me as
I admire her well-toned arms
I walk off alone

[dreamku on a dream of 6/9/09]

June 14, 2009


we collide in flight
the vampires assume
I'm one of them

back biting
the dark-haired vampire
lightly tastes my blood

proof I'm not
a fellow blood sucker
plain AB negative

[dreamku on a dream of 6/9/09. Another "dunno!" But it should be fun to explore later when I have time. That "back biting" image/expression is intriguing.]

June 15, 2009

the hair strand in my food
keeps lengthening as I wind it
a ball starts growing

[dreamku on a dream of 6/9/09]

June 16, 2009


highway travellers
they mistake the sweet-faced cowboy
for a girl

he unsheathes his knives
and stops two men's assault
efficient dispatch

a third assault comes
from a shy fair-haired woman
gentle rebuff

[dreamku on a dream of 6/15/09]

June 17, 2009


nightly prowl
I walk the office hallway
happily nude

thin male co-worker
David Letterman
introduces me

David tells him
I'm a stick figure
exposing joke

I cover my large breasts heating blush

[3 dreamku & 1 monoku on a dream of 6-12-09. I’ve never (to my knowledge) dreamed about David Letterman before. Imagine my surprise when on the news the morning after this dream I heard about how he’d made a joke about a public figure’s daughter that resulted in his needing to apologize.]

June 18, 2009



the virgin teenage boy
lies across me nude
affection only

to his surprise I offer
to make love

I’ve initiated
other young men
caring teacher

he accepts the moon outside the window


she gently ends her
affair with her professor
aging lothario

two other students
gave up on him sooner
her useless fidelity

she tells her story
the wood floor wobbles
in only one corner

[dreamku series pair (with one monoku in first series), on two separate dreams of 6/11/09]

June 19, 2009


the Dark Land
government troops to the north
Egypt to the south

the middle east map
shows the pincer troop movement
cornered Unknown Land

the Hidden Land
invisibility had been
their protection

artists, free thinkers
speaking a foreign language
the Strange Land

she’s been the only
native Dark Land translator
tired young Greek

invading cameras demise of safe haven

[dreamku series capped by a monoku, on a dream of 6-18-09. This dream was clearly influenced in setting by the Iran post-election demonstrations.]

June 20, 2009


beach house gathering
there’s agreement something joyful’s
in the offing

my silent question
why the assumption by all
what comes will be good

dark wave on dark wave
threatens the house foundations
will it float us all

I imagine how
to make a raft of floorboards
riding out the fear

[dreamku series on a dream of 6-18-09; Image: digital photo by Roswila]

June 21, 2009

three women
with spikey punk haircuts
my braid, so uncool

[dreamku on a dream of 3/26/08; posted as there was some echoing of the feeling in this dream earlier today in my waking life, even down to it being three women]

June 22, 2009


rocky beach at night
the young boy and I escape
the vagrant mugger

packed movie theater
I can't recall how I saved us
he falls asleep

yearning for the sky
an actor I don't like stars
in the long movie

[dreamku series on a dream of 3/3/08]

June 23, 2009


a short meeting
with President Obama
I’m in quiet awe

he’s been making
a huge dinosaur skeleton
kid’s building blocks

subway platform
his dinosaur of blocks
crowds the passage

I squeeze by the
wood tyrannosaurus rex
it tilts and falls

knocked from the platform
I scramble off the tracks
no train yet

I yell to the distant
crowd knocked to the tracks with me
back off the rails!

they don’t hear me
above all the hub-bub
I cannot save them

I clamber back to the platform deep sadness

[dreamku series capped by a monoku, on a dream of 6-22-09]

June 24, 2009


I steer us wrong
the train starts pulling out
without us

cubby hole train door
I grab onto an edge
and hang on

the train speeds up
I plan to cling until
the next stop

a tunnel appears
I flatten against the door
I’ve done this before

[dreamku series on a dream of 6-22-09]

June 25, 2009


tumbling and swimming
through the air in the subway
a creative joy

at the turnstile
she asks me to sign up
talent scout

as I write I say
“I do this elsewhere but there’s
something in the air here
I tumble so easily
and fly so much more freely”

[two dreamku and a dream tanka on one dream of 6-24-09; Image: digital photo by Roswila]

June 26, 2009

the flight attendant
can't find my long grey coat
airplane-sized closet

[dreamku on a dream of 8-11-08; I'm departing from my usual wont by posting an old dreamku that actually has no present relevance, except maybe that now as then I'm enjoying a bit of laughter in my life]

June 27, 2009


crowded train
I reach behind for my purse
but only find hers

two young women
get mouthy with me
I'm lost

what train am I on
I've been riding all this time
without knowing

[dreamku series on a dream of 12-20-08; Image: digital photo by Roswila]

June 28, 2009

my unknown suitor
claims he wrote his name on top
blank song and dance sheet

[dreamku on a dream of 4/15/08; Image: digital photo by Roswila. An old dream/ku with current relevance. On reading it now, I'm also associating it to the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Emperor's New Clothes," which has a great deal of relevance to my life at the moment.]

June 29, 2009


an old couch and
so much else to be thrown out
childhood home

Mama's kiss
on the crown of my head
bittersweet check-in

Dad's good-bye
he leaves for the Bahamas
before I move out

[dreamku series on a dream of 3/16/08; Image: digital photo by Roswila. An old dream/ku series with on-going relevance. Seems there's always more house cleaning to be done.]

June 30, 2009

I don't own it
nor is it mine to care for
sick puppy

[dreamku on a dream of 5/9/08; Image: digital photo by Roswila. An old dream/ku with on-going relevance.]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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