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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DIGITAL DABBLINGS, photos taken by Roswila

I won't say a whole lot about these digital photos, other than to say all were taken within the last two months. I will add that I've finally read the manual accompanying the camera and am hopeful my photos will improve. I do find I have to do less cropping and editing once I load photos into Adobe, so I do seem to be learning as I go along. Eventually I may even take a digital photo course online. The Santa Barbara Community College Adult Education courses here are fabulous and free!

By the way, in most browsers you will probably be able to click on any photo below to get a larger version.

This first is my favorite so far. I tend to have one favorite in each batch, and this is from my most recent group, taken in early May in the rose garden on the grounds where I live, just around the corner from my room:

This next one was taken just across from the arbor in the above photo, it's one of several places around the grounds where birds are fed every day by one woman who's calling it appears to be:

And this one below was taken just to the left of the one above. It's an amazing bush:

I love the color roses this bush produces; taken in same garden as the arbor picture at the top of this post:

This tree is in Isla Vista, a shopping area about a 2 mile (round trip) walk from where I live. Every time I pass this tree I have to stop and touch it's trunk:

And here's the view standing with my back to that tree in the photo immediately above:

This next was taken in the courtyard of The Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, where I was enjoying "Jazz, Blues, and Langston Hughes":

Lastly, some photos of the woman behind the camera (not taken by me, of course) in a Fancy Hat Contest on Kentucky Derby Day. I was one of two who got a second place cash prize. That's a baby Pegasus on my cap; I kept saying that I was wearing the winner since no horse could beat one with wings:

The stick I'm holding in the group photo above is my bamboo hiking stick (really used as a cane due to my arthritic right knee) that is also a flute. One of my neighbors has challenged me to play it while I'm walking. LOL!

And this is where I'll leave you, hopefully laughing.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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