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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I’m just about toddling off to California. I pack up my computer early tomorrow morning for shipment on Thursday, all my “personal effects” get shipped Friday, and I fly out on Wednesday, February 6th. The above photo was taken of me not long before we moved from Florida to New York, so it seems the perfect one to post at this time of another big transition. What I find either amazing or disturbing -- depending on my mood LOL -- is that I really don’t feel any older in spirit now than I was in the above photo.

I really have no way to address the dreamku below except to say they do reflect the intensity and variety of memories and emotions raised by my move to California. I was, however, encouraged by the dreakmku posted for January 31 (I've posted a couple days ahead in order to complete the month of January):

the cat attacks the
top ceiling ladder-curtain
metal framework bared

I’ve tended to see top floor ceilings in houses as the direction of spirit. So the dream seems to be saying that no matter how attacked I may feel my spirit’s framework is quite solid. (Angry or attacking cats in my dreams generally represent guilty and/or envious feelings, my own or those of others.) Or, put another way, the connection to spirit is intact no matter the challenges. Hm....


January 1, 2008

each rubber baby buds off
into another

January 2, 2008


I yell for him as
I hang from his window sill
midnight lock-out

my knotted grip
he tells his annoyed girlfriend
I'd tried other ways

January 3, 2008

she flinches away
he acknowledges at last
his ancient assault

January 4, 2008

finished basement
I do better than before
on the climb back up

January 5, 2008


gigantic blue bike
I walk by its ovoid
one wheel in awe

delicate balance
workers rotate captainship
of the huge bike

January 6, 2008


swimming lesson
he dips his days-old infant
in the shallows

we are stranded on
a sandbar beyond the surf
a silly movie

January 7, 2008


I watch her plane blast
the dark winged creatures
a bursting sky

wounded in deep space
ours kill themselves rather than
linger unreachable

I agree there is
“time yet to mend a friendship”
missive from the front

January 8, 2007


small blue-black berries
mature into large red fruits
laden bush

full stomach
must I eat all these juicy
faintly sweet fruit

January 9, 2008

(from dream of 1-07-08)

we both played murderers
in our acting careers
lumped together

I rejoin them all
in the beauty salon
my slimmed silhouette

I line my sneakers
with popcorn in lieu of socks
binge food run

a mother sits
in the cab I hail for home
late night traffic

January 10, 2008

(A Novel in Four Chapters)

one last newborn goat
beneath the deep bushes
toddling white runt

Chapter One:
the hallway's narrow
I ask to walk some other,
then look again

Chapter Two:
blue eyes flash on blue
her startled old one night stand
flirts with me

Chapter Three:
she watches me check
my makeup in her mirror
empty work stations

Chapter Four:
relieved, I close
the building door behind me
they will follow, or not

January 11, 2008


a bare-chested man
pulls a carriage through the park
opening scene

her dancing gestures
unrelated to her words
new poetry form

January 12, 2008

belay the sails!
that disembarking pirate
was short-changed

January 13, 2008

in person the star
is not very well spoken
no memorized lines

January 14, 2008

her thin winter coat
I’ll ship mine back to her
from California

January 15, 2008

each woman’s unique
red, white, and black outfit
busy kitchen

January 16, 2008

the palm-sized poodle
resists as I pick it up
its arthritic joints

January 17, 2008


disguised night shift workers
wait for shuttle buses
no trains running

street wisdom
children know
better ways to cope

January 18, 2008

my sketches presage
a terrible rainstorm
can her ceiling hold

January 19, 2008

the elevator
permits her to take the ride
her Da’s half-birthday

January 20, 2008

the transcriber receipt
lists an outrageous price
screwed again

January 21, 2008


she asks for
and accepts my help
re-hired co-worker

elevator ride
I know I'm going on too long
about myself

leveling out
a lengthy sideways trip
on the lift

January 22, 2008

he feels rejected
she leaves me when she pleases
I can’t win

January 23, 2008

a dream by the tail
something about not needing
the recount they do

January 24, 2008

lead-footed and sad
forgotten dreams hangover

January 25, 2008

why’s he here each time
I lie belly down nude
check-out counter

January 26, 2008

overcast river
she returns to the dark rock
split by the tree

January 27, 2008

we refuse to wear drag
and peel off the jeweled pasties
proud opening night

January 28, 2008

turning in my sleep
there are still two ways
to go with this

January 29, 2008


the aging actor
reveals his ballet background
class in the woods

he corrects
the girl's ornate arm movements
his no different

less refined bowing
but more grounded than his
young students

January 30, 2008

my concern for
the charming young boy
his barrel chest

January 31, 2008

the cat attacks the
top ceiling ladder-curtain
metal framework bared

* * * *

Hopefully, I will begin posting DAILY DREAMKU again in about a week once I'm in California. As I've posted here elsewhere: So much depends/upon a computer set-up/hooked to cable/beside a sunny window. (May the spirit of William Carlos Williams forgive me. :-D)

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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