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Friday, January 23, 2009

HUNGRY PIGEONS, Haiga by Patricia Kelly

a crust of bread
leaps and pirouettes
hungry pigeons

A friend took this photo of me playing his didjeridu at Stearn's Wharf, Santa Barbara, California. (This is a short ride from where I live in Goleta.) It was a gorgeous day early this month. I was actually a little warm in that jacket. That colorful thing slung around me is the didj carry-case I crocheted for his didj. His didj is made from PVC pipe that a friend of his painted. Its sound is indistinguishable from those made of bamboo or eucalyptus branches or agave stems.

I also had my hiking stick with me (used as a cane really, given my knee arthritis) that is made from bamboo and is also a flute (with a compass in the top end so I shouldn't get lost :-D). I diddled on that a little bit, too.

Below is another view of me didj playing:

And here's a different view of the wharf that I took:

It seems almost silly to say, as I did above, it was a gorgeous day as the weather in this part of California is rarely anything but lovely (though it had been somewhat colder days before this visit to the wharf). For instance, the other morning I heard the sound of rain in the trees for the first time in the year I've been living here. It rarely rains, and then usually only at night. :-)

Hope whatever the weather is where you live, it's to your liking.

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‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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