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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NO MATTER, poem by Patricia Kelly


no matter that sadness
prevails as two fall leaves
scuttle across the clean brick
sidewalk into view below
the Christmas store window where
fairies and unicorns, elves
and Austrian crystals cavort
in the late afternoon sunlight

while behind the glass pane of the toy
store to the right a five foot
stuffed giraffe stares out
at the street as if across the memory
of a savanna, a sock monkey
peeking from between
its forelegs,

or that my butt tires on the supporting
wood planks of this bench as I
write these observations down
with chilly fingers

for this moment, this symphony
of moments is precious no matter,
with sadness its key

November 20, 2008
in Solvang, California

* * * *

The photo above I took many years ago in New York city (where I used to live). It's of one of Macy's store windows and that's an elephant Santa Claus. Or as I prefer to understand him, a "found Ganesh."

Hope your Holidays are alive and genuine. [NOTE of 6-24-12, poem has since been slightly revised; e.g. that "butt" reference has been taken out. I think it drops out of the tone of the poem.]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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