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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Sigh. A rough month, though it started out hopefully with a dream of burying old ways of being and letting a flame go out that needs to. But then this gentle warning dream/ku series:


is it a mask
or a living breathing face
modest young man

masses of curly hair
frame his handsome visage
I want to wear it

it’s my turn next
to put on this sweet face
revival tent line

a woman riding
a small dark motorcycle
line crasher

she loudly proclaims
it’s her turn to wear this mask
the Big Lie

I reason with all
concerned but she won’t give up
she tries a new door

lost in the shuffle
the gentle beauty offered
by the living mask

Well, no one promised me a rose garden, and yet I have the delight to pass a rose garden every day. Its blooms are bigger and more gorgeous now than they were at the height of the season. So I cannot claim a life devoid of opportunities to appreciate beauty and feel joy.

I’ve bought myself a new, better camera for a Yule/birthday gift. Haven’t yet started using it but just knowing it’s there is a treat.

Hope your holiday season is filled with joy and beauty, and prosperity and good health.


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November 1, 2009


I fly circles
around the gross attacker
my ineffective rifle

the water bullets
bounce off her dull brown hair
I’m a gnat to her

one poke with the long
fishing pole-like rifle
her pierced larynx

she’s dead
I carry her big body
toward the beach

necessary death
I grieve as I invoke
a sacred circle

sandy burial
she’s now slim and pretty
with smooth pale skin

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White vanquished the endless sky

[dreamku series capped by a dream monoku on only part of a major dream of 10-30-09; Image by Roswila]

November 2, 2009


he leads me to
a table in the shadows
his friend’s restaurant

he’s very enthused
we can have sex right here
he whispers

what is he thinking
it’s not all that dark in here
and kids are nearby

he wants change
I say there’s a better way
than public sex

our challenge now clear
I say I want stability
the candle flame fades

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-01-09; Image by Roswila]

November 3, 2009


is it a mask
or a living breathing face
modest young man

masses of curly hair
frame his handsome visage
I want to wear it

it’s my turn next
to put on this sweet face
revival tent line

a woman riding
a small dark motorcycle
line crasher

she loudly proclaims
it’s her turn to wear this mask
the Big Lie

I reason with all
concerned but she won’t give up
she tries a new door

lost in the shuffle
the gentle beauty offered
by the living mask

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-2-09. Image by Roswila]

November 4, 2009


I drum with pencils
instigating liveliness
playtime with toddlers

she’s very annoyed
and shushes me sharply
“leave them be” she says

“they were quiet
don’t get them all stirred up”
controlling teacher

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-02-09; Image by Roswila]

November 5, 2009


my young brother’s
no more than eight years old
he cooks better than I

unbeknownst to me
he lights the stove to make lunch
his hair starts burning

I slap the flames out
on the back of his blond head
relieved deep breath

his hair flares again
I quickly smack out the fire
flaming grease spatter

I knock the burning
grease filled pan to the floor
“never leave it this way...”

“...always rinse things out ...
the two of us together
might make one good Cook”

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-04-09; Image by Roswila]

November 6, 2009

the steps/shelves collapse
against her, from head to toe
she looks back for help
he just seems amused
at her wobbly perturbed plight

[dream tanka on a dream of 8-30-09. I ran across this dream/tanka looking for something to post (no dreams recalled from last night) and had a good chuckle. Not too long after this dream I discovered the source of its particular collapasing shelves image. I came home one day and found the two top shelves of my cheap plastic bookshelves had collapsed, dumping everything on them every which way. When I saw this, rather than being upset, I was amused as I immediately realized where the faint crackling sound I'd been hearing for a few days had come from. The two shelves were replete with fractures. As to "meaning" in this dream (and the synchronicity of the actual event), just typing the dream/ku now has caused it to resonate for me in a couple of different ways, even three months later. Image by Roswila; I don't usually comment on the photos I post here, but this was taken (among many others) on an unusual day here in South Central California: a real rain downpour, and it lasted almost three full days!]

November 7, 2009

carefully placing
thorn tree twigs in my bedroom
so I won’t get pricked
why put them there at all?
“Thorns come out of the Light”

[dream tanka on a very old dream of 7-06-07. I was going through old journals, making notes on what was important and then destroying the rest (they'd take over my life if I didn't do this periodically). Among many other dreams I'd not written dreamku on was the source dream for this dream tanka. An old dream with a timely reminder. I googled "thorn tree" and here's an intriguing descriptive quote: "...gnarled branches, graceful form, jagged thorns and abundant blooms..." Just like that quote at the end of the dream, a study in contrasts; just like my life. Image by Roswila.

November 8, 2009


I take pictures of
the special bottles of wine
my boss arrives

seeking his guidance
but not his tipsy come-on
out of character

amusement and annoyance
I choose which photo to use
by myself

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-06-09; Image by Roswila (It's "out of character" to rain in southern California, as in this photo, which is why I hurried around taking "rain" pictures that day.]

November 9, 2009


no money to give
the familiar bus driver
will he barter

I offer him one
of my two potatoes
he nods acceptance
pointing down to a closed
compartment under the dash

his personal space
I wake his puppies as I
fit my potato in

the fractious litter
keeps trying to get out
I rearrange things

undeterred by my tactics tumbling white fur balls

[dreamku series with a dream tanka and capped by a dream monoku on a dream of 11-08-09; Image by Roswila]

November 10, 2009


preaching intently
he stands in the rubble
city under attack

she listens as
behind him her home is hit
a rain of bullets

her silent flinching a brief hitch in his sermon

[dreamku pair capped by a dream monoku on a dream of 11-09-09; Image by Roswila]

November 11, 2009


she’s not in labor
it’s intense food poisoning
hugely pregnant friend

I’ve been poisoned, too
we lie on the floor in pain
next to each other

scared for the baby when will help come

[dreamku pair capped by a dream monoku on a dream of 11-10-09; Image by Roswila]

November 12, 2009


choppy waters
we board our large wooden boat
and start the chase

catching up with
the villain’s boat we ram it
both ships go down

I’m confident my
mates and I can swim to shore
a huge plank floats by

too close, one mate yells
you’re too close to the plank
it’ll drag you down

I feel it’s sort of
gravitational tugging
two men ride the plank

hypodermic needle
one intends to drug me dead
not trusting I’ll drown

I make white water
as I fight to swim away
a mate floats close in

the man on the plank
gets shot with his own needle
rescue by my mate

I swim free of the plank calmer water

[dreamku series topped by a monoku on a dream of 11-11-09. Image by Roswila]

November 13, 2009


first on stage is a
rough-around-the-edges man
illness and honesty

next, Cirque du Soleil
their low energy group dance
perfectly timed

third, a harlequin
he leaps and scissor kicks
in a silver sheen

last, a teenage girl
who has light red-brown hair
plaintive and slow song

each person’s unique
underlying imperative
prompting their act
revealed as I observe
this variety show

[dreamku series capped by a dream tanka on a very old dream of 7-06-07. This is another of the dreams I found that I had not written about, when going through old journals. It has an almost eery relevance to my life at present; especially in some of the physical details. Image by Roswila]

November 14, 2009


the dark young couple
and I prepare to move out
enormous bed sheets

folding’s a challenge
as there’s a big kink in one
I halt the process

the young man watches
me try to smooth the sheet out
red and white striped twist

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-13-09; Image by Roswila]

November 15, 2009

I’ve morphed into a
beautiful young black woman
trying out my new boots
on an icy back alley
I learn to walk flat-footed

[dream tanka on a dream from 4-04-09. This is another old dream with current relevance. Image: Part of "Art Alley" in Lompoc, CA that is filled with murals, by Roswila.]

November 16, 2009


the family’s son no longer
uses drugs

his pride stands out
just like his new crew cut
dark stubble

his father has doubts
that his son and absent girlfriend
are truly clean

home blood test
the father shows his son
the sad results

the son’s still using drugs simmer in his blood

[dreamku series capped by a monoku on a dream of 11-15-09. Image by Roswila]

November 17, 2009


bottle of sweet pills
I pop several quickly
to freshen my breath

staring at what’s left
is that dust or turds
of minuscule mice

did I swallow some
revolted I empty the
bottle in the car

two tiny dusty
grey mice cling to the back seat
I want to drown them

they get flushed away
when I turn on the faucets
are they dead

I don’t want to find
that they’re reproducing
fear of infestation

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-16-09. Image by Roswila]

November 18, 2009

[My apologies for no dreamku to accompany the above brand new photo of mine. I've had a tremendously busy day and did not even remember to write one. This photo carries the mood of my day: a mix of beauty and deep sadness. I wonder what my dreams will be like tonight?]

November 19, 2009


dull grey rug and walls
why am I attending her
poetry workshop

I willingly do
her casual bidding
long-time enemy

[dreamku pair on a dream of 11-18-09; Image by Roswila]

November 20, 2009


there’s stall after stall
lining the marketplace hall
she makes her escape

as she runs she sees
mobsters faking innocence
they pose in doorways

she’s no criminal
yet cannot remain here
she’ll be arrested

re-doubled escape
pretending illness she flies
in a wobbly arc

she feints to the right
through the evening shadows
condo balcony

a quick left
she hugs the store fronts unseen
in her silent flight

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-19-09. Image by Roswila]

November 21, 2009


closed off and
aflutter with dark pigeons
the boy’s aviary

one bird escapes
and intrudes on his apartment
curious waddler

a long grey cat
starts stalking the plump pigeon
I round on the cat

grey paw above grey head
it lies flat on the floor
picture of innocence

as I turn away
the cat starts stalking again
nature of the beast

[dreamku series on dream of 11-20-09; Image: "Me and My Shadow" by Roswila]

November 22, 2009


I’m the only one
leaving to witness the fight
they had in the past
I tell a difficult friend
and she decides to go, too

I must crawl across
another friend’s display
of office supplies
her colored pencils scatter
as I try to retrieve them

the difficult friend’s
oblivion to my plight
her focus on the past

[two dream tanka and a dreamku on a dream of 4/19/09. Image by Roswila]

November 23, 2009

what have they done
to grammaw's charming old home
white plastic siding

[dreamku on an old dream of 3-24-08. Still no dream recall on which I could write anything, so I'm posting this old one. It has a sort of slant relevance to the present in that I've become more acutely aware than ever of how changeable memory can sometimes be. Image by Roswila]

November 24, 2009

she's not sure
but lights candles anyway
he wants romance

[dreamku on an old dream of 1-12-08. Again no dream recall on which I could write anything, so I'm posting this old one. As with yesterday's old dreamku, this one has relevance to the present. Image: "Icing on the Cake" by Roswila]

November 25, 2009

she’s not listening
to the poet’s heartfelt song
from the podium
the poet sings right to her
she settles down, child-like

[dreamku on an old dream of 4-26-08. Image by Roswila]

November 26, 2009


my second date
in recent years with Elvis
will he keep it

confirming email
his assistant’s interest
lies with animals

where’s Elvis
the name of her charity
is P.A.D.

[dreamku series on a dream of 11-25-09. On waking I had no clue to what this one is about. Elvis does show up in my dreams sporadically. I am intrigued by the contrast between Elvis – a deceased megastar who has frequently represented my singer father – and his assistant (a new dream character) with her animal charity. As if my dreaming brain were trying to get my attention away from the former to the latter. OK. Animals tend to be messengers from our sub- or unconscious. That gives me a starting point for inquiry into this dream. Image by Roswila]

November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm extremely grateful for this life in my new home of California; this cornucopia that just keeps on spilling out its bounty. Blessings to All.

[The Daily Dreamku is below]

* * * * * * * *


should I live here
a few hundred feet away
ruins radiate
while this building’s not even
all right at the top

the third wrong thing
remains unknown as I wake
enough on my plate

[dreamku pair written 11-24-09 on an old dream from August 2007. Image is a view from the second floor of a building in the Retirement Community I live in, taken by Roswila]

November 28, 2009


the boy molests
an innocent female cat
she’s unaware

he puts on the huge
mask/head of a Superhero
the boy’s faked rescue

[dreamku pair on a dream of 11-27-09. Image by Roswila]

November 29, 2009


performance set-up
body-size round holes in
the wooden stage floor

she’s cued where to stand
in her Gibson girl costume
bright flowing turquoise

from the nearest hole
in the golden brown floorboards
a steady stream of air

lavender silk scarves float up costume change

[dreamku series capped by a monoku on a dream of 11-28-09. Image by Roswila]

November 30, 2009


the taxi driver
slowly starts seducing me
back room rest stop

my body responds
he’s dismissive when I ask
what the trip will cost

[dreamku pair on a dream of 11-28-09. Image by Roswila]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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