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Monday, September 19, 2011


Here's another way to look at some dreams, from the post of August 2. (There's one of my photos, a Tarot card, and some comments in the actual post further below.)


where are last night’s dreams?
they stick like spider webs to
the edge of my mind
their glitter urging me forward
off an endless cliff

why their swift passage
like fairies on wall-eyed mounts ....
but perhaps some dreams
should not be met on their wild
hunt through darkest woods

Hope you and yours are all safe and well. And that you find at least something intriguing or enjoyable in these August offerings.


[PLEASE NOTE that in most browsers you can click on the image for a larger version.]

August 1, 2011


rescued by a man
from suffocation in the stroller:
an infant named Noah

self-absorption breached
his young mother notices
Noah needs to sleep
she lifts him gently against
her left breast where he nods out

his little weight stirs her heart – his golden hair

[a dreamku, tanka, and monoku on a dream of 7-31-11. Image by Roswila]

August 2, 2011


where are last night’s dreams?
they stick like spider webs to
the edge of my mind
their glitter urging me forward
off an endless cliff

why their swift passage
like fairies on wall-eyed mounts ....
but perhaps some dreams
should not be met on their wild
hunt through darkest woods

[two tanka on a night of forgotten dreams, 8-1-11. I’ve thought for some time that maybe not all dreams need or should be remembered. When the fairy hunt image came to me drafting this dream/ku I immediately thought of the Eight of Wands, referencing The Wild Hunt, in Karen Manony’s wonderful “The Fairytale Tarot”:

The most relevant aspect in this old fairytale is that there may be something hazardous in encountering these fairies on their wild night hunt. In terms of dream work, I hear a suggestion that some work may be better handled by our unconscious, or maybe can only be handled by that about us that is deeper and greater than our small waking sense of consciousness. The photo at the top of this post is by Roswila]

August 3, 2011


fervid descriptions of her
first and only love:
great looks, calm, and grace head up
the list, as galaxies of tears
punctuate the night of her eyes

her belief’s palpable
in this paragon of her
own creation ....
I drop all analysis
and let her pain enter my heart

[two tanka on a dream of 8-2-11. Image "Unfolding" by Roswila]

August 4, 2011

the brassy girl says
she’ll gladly learn to untangle
the spinner tentacles
I start to show her and it’s so
much fun I do it all myself

[a tanka on a dream of 8-3-11. Image "Salad Days" by Roswila]

August 5, 2011

it comes down to this
my photos will warm or feed her
homeless woman’s choice

[a dreamku on a dream of 8-4-11. Image "Goth Wedding" by Roswila]

August 6, 2011


it’s like marriage,
he says, you work for me so
need not testify
whatever you hold to be true
may be held in sweet silence

[a tanka on a dream of 8-5-11. Image "At Day's End" by Roswila]

August 7, 2011


his long blonde hair won’t
stay rolled up in large curlers
it unfurls again
covering his face
like a silent waterfall

none of his male friends
understand what he’s attempting
yet tease anyway
one guy makes fun of his hair
loud and mercilessly

none think to inquire
what he’d hoped to create
curling his long hair
nor do they listen when he
tries to share that inner vision

[three tanka on a dream of 8-6-11. Image "Loving Long Hair" by Roswila]

August 8, 2011


he only watches
bewildered, as she tries to
teach him how to dance
how to raise power that
will save his awkward young life

like Wonder Woman
she brandishes wide bracelets
on her flashing wrists
their studs and leather repel
an attack of dark

but more darkness
will climb the stairs to fight them
he must learn to dance
he must learn how to shelter
the bright burning of his own light

[three tanka on a dream of 8-7-11. Image “Sheltering Arms” by Roswila]

August 9, 2011

coming and going –
the cruising black cadillac’s long lines
please from both angles

sleek eye candy (maybe it’s the chrome trim)

[a dreamku and monoku on a dream of 8-8-11. Image “Hour Glass” by Roswila]

August 10, 2011


they all believe it
with only rumor as proof
ignorance unites
they turn their backs to
the writing on the wall:

like the first item
heading up a treasure hunt
cautioning doubt shines
the writer puts down the pen
and stands aside ignored

[two tanka on a dream of 8-10-11. Image by Roswila; one "incarnation" of our Poetry Nook on the grounds where I live, it changes and evolves]

August 11, 2011


she freezes briefly
like a deer caught in headlights as
my alarm clock rings –
retrieved by the void, nothing
trails with which to grasp her

[a tanka on a dream of 8-10-11. Image “Caught Up In The Light” by Roswila]

August 12, 2011


how will he ever
recognize that trio whose
singing he loved
he sets clear criteria
by which he’s sure he’ll know them

each of us in turn
will sing in a group of three
though willing, I’m puzzled:
it was ease he’d so admired
yet he makes no room for it

[two tanka on a dream of 8-11-11. I'm finding a nice side effect to pairing poems and pix. I've finally accepted the necessity of naming all my photos for record keeping purposes, i.e. for ease (:-D) of retrieval given I have have thousands on my computer. Titling has always been something that happens right a way or doesn't at all. And I find forcing a title a lengthy effort, with the results sometimes still unsatisfying. However, once I've selected an unamed pic for this post it means I've identified something about it that often quickly suggests a title. In essense, the selection for pairing with a dream poem points to a metaphor within the pic to take off from in the photo's title. Image “Reaching for the High Notes” by Roswila. This is one of my oldest photos, which I note in an attempt to excuse the poor focus :-D, though I'm still fond of this pic of those three "reachers" -- a trio I see every day.]

August 13, 2011


sorted by flavor
every single ice cream cup
she’d ever emptied –
lined up in rows they obstruct
the sunny rose filled garden

rounding the corner
to better make the point:
a huge container
with cups crowded noisily
into it like a bag of cats

[two tanka on a dream of 8-12-11. Image “Do You Get My Point?” by Roswila]

August 14, 2011


her expertise makes
the two young interns nervous
new hospital head

she’s aghast at the
total focus on profits
and pampering the rich –
a concierge hospital
what an awful concept

alone at the top
she corrects and educates
as she goes along
she barely has time to wonder
why such a place hired her

[a dreamku and two tanka on a dream of 8-13-11. Image "One Step at a Time" by Roswila]

August 15, 2011


the cite in her text’s
not worded exactly right
I suggest a tweak

"It’s the visual
and visceral effect
I care about above all,"
she responds, "academic rules
don’t matter nearly as much"

[a dreamku and tanka on a dream of 8-14-11. Yes, the title is from those famous lines by Shakespeare in Hamlet that continue “ thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” These lines were always quoted in my family as meaning the obvious about honesty starting with one’s self. And that’s how I’m using them here. However, in googling for the exact wording I read what was – at least to me – a somewhat different slant on what these lines are saying when read within the context of the entire “Neither A Borrower Nor Lender Be” speech and the times in which the play was written. Click here and scroll down for this interpretation. Image "Starlight Vision" by Roswila]

August 16, 2011


dark celebrities
want to post my old photo:
a huge, densely leafed tree

they say they must see
both the original and
edited versions
my sigh of relief: the first’s
by far the better photo

[a dreamku and tanka on a dream of 8-15-11. Trees often appear in my dreams, though haven’t much recently. When they do they are always a central image/focus that puts me in mind of the mythological World Tree. Image “Stumbling on Fairy Land” by Roswila]

August 17, 2011


to her amusement
her new boyfriend’s Mr. Gray
neither this nor that
just a small clever young man
with rumored mob connections

* * * *

The Devil’s lengthy
soliloquy rhymes in the
newest patter style
his horns are small, his grin charming
but I don’t understand a word he says

[two tanka on a dream of 8-16-11. Image "The First Stroke" by Roswila]

August 18, 2011


paintings scroll slowly
through the air in front of us
a lengthy series

each is said to be
of a turkey but they’re really
horse head silhouettes
judges start culling the batch
but all look just fine to me

[a dreamku and tanka on a dream of 8-17-11. Image “Rolling On By” by Roswila]

August 19, 2011

anxiety spins you
from question to question
beloved dust devil

[a tanka on a dream of 8-18-11. Image “Spelunkers” (formerly “Interrogation”) by Roswila]

August 20, 2011


he won’t own the wall
with which denial surrounds him
a glass mosaic
made from his long buried pain
that he only sees as the world’s

* * * *

silky arrow-straight
loose black hair shimmers down her back
to just past her waist
her white sheath dress highlights her curves
but it’s her hair that mesmerizes

I can’t stop staring
as she readies for her job:
homicide squad cop

[a tanka on one dream; then a tanka and dreamku on another of the same night, 8-19-11. Both these dreams were in the first REM cycle of the night. The rest of the night’s dreams were more fun, especially one sex dream. I’d have written about that one but it was rather ordinary, if enjoyable. :-) Image “Hedging All Bets” by Roswila]

August 21, 2011


instead of “gittin’
while the gittin’s good” she pushes
back up the staircase
the exiting crowd around
squashing breath from its own first wave

she ignores this danger
in her own surge to prop up
her wobbling ego
she must have agreement from
that man struggling down above her

though bones may break
and breath no longer fill lungs
the small ego rules

[two tanka and a dreamku on a dream of 8-20-11. Image "At the End of the Rainbow" by Roswila]

August 22, 2011


a youthful foursome –
three dark-haired gals and a guy –
enter from stage left
their two pianos are far apart
but they rise to the occasion

hurrying back and forth’s
quickly incorporated
into their playing
the tiny pause between phrases
actually heightening their art

[two tanka on a dream of 8-21-11. Image "Strip Tease" by Roswila]

August 23, 2011


three dark blue dots up
and three more on the climb down,
the eternal point
a clear space at the turning:
breathe and it’s already gone

[a tanka on a dream of 8-22-11. Image “The Romantic” by Roswila]

August 24, 2011


how can she escape
this scenario unfolding
in her reeling mind,
this unbearable tumult
.... and so she forces wakefulness

this false awakening
instantly dissipates in new
agitated or bland
alien or familiar worlds
all bearable and forgotten

a vague flutter in the long night The Page of Fear

[two tanka and a monoku on dreams of 8-23-11. Pages in The Tarot are usually seen as messengers. (There is no Page of Fear, though given the vast numbers of new and creative decks these days I could imagine there being one I haven’t come across.) Image “Dark Memories” by Roswila]

August 25, 2011


“One can count only
on the dead for full disclosure...”
the sad irony echos
as she quickly signs off
the internet game board

her embellished signature long teal blue loops

[a tanka and a monoku on a dream of 8-24-11. Image “The Nib” by Roswila]

August 26, 2011


the turquoise sweater
entirely changes his look
successful up-date
my appreciative smile with
a whispered: it’s inside out

* * * *

is it thievery
to lift this slide of herself
from the old woman’s floor
she craves a print of its bright
cartoon version of herself:

slim, young and quite blonde
wearing a tight blue sweater
with orange letters
yet still recognizable as her
in two see-through dimensions

[a tanka on one dream and two tanka on another of 8-25-11. Image “Dreaming in Color” by Roswila]

August 27, 2011


she comes from a long
line of conservatives
their minds as buttoned
up and dark as their clothing
and atrophied spirits

she can’t recall when
or how but she injured one
in her fight to escape
and now her mother’s tracked her down,
the most controlling of them all

staring at her own
face in the bathroom mirror
she awaits her fate –
over her shoulder her mother’s
righteous mien and raised fist

“Back off! Stop! Basta...”
she yells at her cold mother
“...then maybe we’ll talk” --
her mother’s fist stock still in the air,
her own fearful mind ajar

* * * *

her motorcycle
in their “His ‘n Hers” pair is dead
as surely dead as
any bug once squashed on its
yawning plastic windscreen

the motor of his own
in this ancient duo he’d unearthed
seeking an escape
barely turns over at all
lying on its side, coughing

he stands alone in
the cold encroaching shadows
they weight his shoulders

[a dreamku series each on the first and last dreams of 8-26-11. The title is a reference to the novel and movie of the same name. I have not read the novel, but did see the movie many years ago. Image "Descent" by Roswila]

August 28, 2011


the rips and wrinkles
in the book he just bought ...
she can’t repair them
no matter how she folds
and fusses with the pages

and he’d been so pleased
to share its storied bounty –
she’ll buy some other
and leave it in place of his,
a bookish changeling

[two tanka on a dream of 8-27-11. Image “Dreaming of Home” by Roswila]

August 29, 2011


(the picture flashes BIGsmall ... BIGsmall ... BIGsmall)

does anyone know
she’s down here in the empty dark
should she try yelling

(flashing ... the BIGsmall ... BIGsmall ... black and white)

can she even know
she’s anyone? ghosts and thoughts
silent and unreachable

(like ... the BIGsmall picture)

in her mind, moonlight
a round entrance in the ground
a woman passing by ...
the scene could use baying but
there’s only the flashing

(BIGsmall ... BIGsmall ... BIGsmall)

[dreamku series on a dream of 8-28-11. Not surprising I had Gothic imagery in a dream. I’ve not only been reading a rather Gothic novel, but just started studying The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. Image "In the Vampire's Garden" by Roswila]

August 30, 2011


the nude young couple
frolics their way through the lost
land of endless snow
their serious search for clues
never fully forgotten

briefly separated
by hillocks of sparkling white
they tunnel apart
snow piling up between them –
intuition has gripped them both

each spots a small ring,
ancient terra cotta with
magical symbols
more the size of children's bracelets
when lifted in the snow shadows

what will these rings reveal
once deciphered together
and what might they see
these round unblinking eyes
these empty irises

[four tanka on a dream of 8-29-11. Image "The Way Opens" by Roswila]

August 31, 2011


"No, time’s not ripe,"
I respond to her question
concerning my eyes,
"Not time to whet them on
harsh lessons from edges"

rather time to let
moonlight climb over the rose
covered balustrade
softening softening
with inquisitive shadows

* * * *

the paddle wheel boat
rides down the night-cloaked river
silent as she churns

a wide stoke forward
while those past lift dripping,
the water batting
moonlight into watching eyes
then closing over

ultimately unmarked
by what enters and leaves
enters and leaves

[a dreamku series on each of two dreams from 8-30-11. As once before recently, the first and last dreams recalled of the evening. Image “Hooked on the Moon” by Roswila]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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