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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Author: Echo Bodine
Publisher: New World Library
Product Code: 15979
ISBN: 978-1-57731-597-1
Pages: 192
Package: 1 Paperback
Size: 5.5 X 8.5
Availability: In stock.
Price: $14.95

I was prepared to find LOOK FOR THE GOOD AND YOU'LL FIND GOD: The Spiritual Journey of a Psychic and Healer not very exceptional. I’m afraid I’ve joined the ranks of many folk interested in fringe and cutting-edge spirituality and healing in feeling a bit jaded, a bit disappointed in a lot of the writing being offered in recent years. But to my surprise and joy Echo had me from the giddy-up on page 3 with “God is not the enemy, is not something to be feared, does not delight in our misery. God wants to help us as much as possible. God has lots of helpers, is very creative, and definitely has a sense of humor.” I sighed a great big sigh of relief and read on with much pleasure and head-nodding. The wisdom she offers along the way appears to be a seamless blend of Christian teachings, A/A precepts, and Buddhist philosophy. And this neo-Pagan finds all of it relevant and inspiring.

Echo’s is not a light story (if in truth anyone’s is). In her early years she suffers and ultimately learns and blossoms through unwed teen pregnancy, alcoholism, pain pill addiction, e.g. She tells her stories directly, simply, honestly, and clearly. And the presence of a connection to and a deep yearning for God/Spirit is always there as she struggles to unearth her path and accept its shape as a spiritual healer and teacher. Much of her early path also demonstrates how in helping others we also may heal ourselves. Each chapter is capped by exercises to do and/or questions to ponder that can help us develop spiritually and psychically. This makes the book’s wisdom readily applicable, in whatever way Spirit may move the reader to work with it. I found this “workbook” aspect one of the most valuable aspects of Echo’s book.

It is true that what Echo shares about spiritually and healing can be found in many other books. However, what makes it so valuable here is that it is offered within the story of her own life. This framework makes the wisdom all the more accessible. As if her story prepares the path in us for the teaching to flow along.

For readers already accepting of, or at least not opposed to, what some call “woo woo stuff” (psychics, ESP, past lives, etc.) this book will be a delightful and encouraging read. Ghosts and other non-ordinary reality occurrences, though, can alternatively be understood simply as window dressing in this book for what is basically a deeply moving spiritual journey. I.e., one not inclined to interest or belief in such phenomena might still enjoy and even learn a great deal from this nicely written and easily read book. That is, learn from what Echo learns along the way, not necessarily from the fringe paths and windows through which the wisdom apparently arrives.

Her stories touched on my own experiences with people who have passed over (“angels” as she calls them) and I, too, know how transforming these can be when we welcome their love and encouragement. I have long thought that even if I were to understand these “visitations” or “mediumistic experiences” as simply aspects of my own psyche healing themselves, what a marvel they still are. For from where might they come, but from that still small spark within each of us that is our connection to God/dess, to the Great Mystery.

I suppose what I am trying to get at here with my addressing of this issue of whether we believe in a particular experienced phenomenon or not, is that what I choose mostly to look for and relate to is: What does the experience teach us? What wisdom or healing does it offer? Then, the vehicle itself (ESP, ghost, e.g.) tends to be far less important to me. What matters is the content, not necessarily the form of or the vehicle for that wisdom or healing. I’m also going on at length about it in this review because I would dearly love for those who do not believe in, or are even put off by psychic phenomena, but who are spiritually inclined, to read this book. They will witness a clearly different but inspiring and transformative story of spiritual growth and healing.

LOOK FOR THE GOOD AND YOU’LL FIND GOD will make a lovely holiday gift, or really at any time of year. But there is something special in a story of transformation and hope during this season. This is a book that will make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone special in your life at this light-filled time of year.

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