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Friday, June 01, 2007


The Moon card, Thalia Took

This month's crop of dreamku seems to have a split personality. The mood changes from rather positive to increasingly negative after the very middle of the month. I’m tempted to say that’s a result of my moon phase hyper-sensitivity. Gibbous moons – the phase just before full – always agitate me unpleasantly in some way. Sometimes effecting me as much as a week to ten days before the actual gibbous moon appears. A full (Blue) moon phase is just now passing and so hopefully will my negativity. Though honestly there’s a lot else stirring up the gunk and mud in my emotional life than just moon phases. But maybe without the added influence of a gibbous moon I’ll be better able to make some very needed changes.

I am surprised there aren’t many more apartment or house images in this month’s dreamku. I’ve been focused on re-arranging my apartment now that my roommate has moved out, and thoroughly enjoying it. Though I hasten to admit I don’t enjoy all the body aches and pains. :-) I’ve been (and still am) doing more lifting and cleaning and packing away and throwing out than I’ve done in the 22 years I’ve been here. Maybe some of the emotional upset in the second half of this month's dreamku is also about re-arranging and clearing out on an inner level. I certainly hope so!


May 1, 2007

the red cardinal
with his mate and three eggs
my new roommates

May 2, 2007

have you seen
anyone from the new moon?
my sun burned belly

May 3, 2007

feet of clay
her old acquaintances
follow in his dust

May 4, 2007

getting hosed
I’m left to clean up
their old disguises

May 5, 2007

they don’t get me
teaching by confession
can be tricky

May 6, 2007

I soak the quilt
and the women in the tub
laughter bubbles

May 7, 2007

hyper toddler
I grab her leash so I
can focus elsewhere

May 8, 2007

we try to upload
to her bed in outer space
no response

May 9, 2007

she demands I get
sugar for her little girl
it’s all relative

May 10, 2007

dream answer
I search now only for one,
three and eleven

[Note: Numbers have extremely strong Tarot relationships for me after over 30 years studying the Tarot. Before I was even really awake, right out of this dream I thought "Ah! I'm yearning for magic (I, The Magician); mothering (III, The Empress); and muscle (XI, Strength). This thought also illustrates an aspect of this poet's mind, and probably others': auto-alliteration. :-D]

May 11, 2007

a native woman
leads us through lush foothills
a large garlic bulb

May 12, 2007

black ballots, white print
each family member votes
on the change

May 13, 2007

I swim using my
extra lung alveoli
surface breakthrough

May 14, 2007

(dreamed Mother's Day, May 13, 2007)

the yellow duckling takes
my hair for feathers

three of us play catch
in the surf with the large egg
darkness through a crack

a broad shouldered
narrow-hipped woman hatches
new Qabala* coach

[*Qabala: ancient Hebrew mysticism; correspondences can be seen between The Tarot and its Tree of Life]

May 15, 2007

she cuts a ragged
slice from the huge onion
why do I help

May 16, 2007

I let the crowd
force me out of the theatre
panic attack

May 17, 2007

too many parents
agree with the new regime
twisted offspring

May 18, 2007

they evict
family after family
organized chaos

May 19, 2007

she bites right
through her lower lip
bitter taste

May 20, 2007

of wine and roses
our drinking’s bad enough but
who might we subvert

May 21, 2007

almost everyone
in the room loses someone
serial killer

May 22, 2007

(a pair from a dream, Mary 20, 2007)

I see intriguing
spots dancing in the dark
she sees points of light

spring snow flurry
she points up the need to be
a light among lights

May 23, 2007

she hugs popcorn
to her chest for comfort
parting of the ways

May 24, 2007

my parents up front,
I sleep but do I dream
bumming a ride

May 25, 2007

the flesh above
that ancient heart wound puckers
the body remembers

May 26, 2007

(from a dream of May 21, 2007)

what a kick
they awkwardly practice
the jive step

cranky wallflower
I wander the ballroom
to find a teacher

I already know
the dance the old lady leads
her beaded blue gown

May 27, 2007

she rejects
the role she knows best
young drama queen

May 28, 2007

he argues
for going around the danger
stalled in the dark

May 29, 2007

(from dream of May 28, 2007)

the last two horses
she could afford to raise
out to pasture

last of their line
the pair of old white horses
bright against the sky

May 30, 2007

a man next to me
face down in the water
live wires float

May 31, 2007

the long cardboard tubes
radiate danger
I ignore them

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 2:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, I enjoy and relate to your writing. Thanks for sending me the monthly notice so that I can read all the dreamku in one sitting.

I like the white background here at this site. On your other sites, I find the black background with white text very hard on the eyes. I visit briefly anyway, mostly to enjoy your wonderful art. For others that may have this problem: I highlight everything from the left side downwards and it changes the background to white and the text to grey. That helps me some if I don’t forget and move my mouse inside again. -VCW

At 8:44 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

I'm delighted you enjoy reading a month's dreamku all in a row. (LOL! Just saw their little heads poking up into the sunlight....)

I can understand your difficulty with a black background. However, I chose black for both my Tarot blogs because they are so graphic intense, and (at least to my aging eyes) graphics really "pop" on black. Have you tried enlarging the text size in your browser? That can help some. I'm sorry you have this problem with my Tarot blogs. I have a real problem myself on viewing blogs/web sites when there isn't enough contrast between the color of the font and the color of the page. So I certainly empathize.


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