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Sunday, April 22, 2007

REVIEW OF "WHAT I WANTED TO SAY," poems by Iris Litt

Shivastan Publishing*

Years back when I first heard Iris Litt read her poetry in New York City, I was quite struck by her open and honest work. I eventually took one of the inspiring poetry workshops she offers occasionally in the Woodstock, New York area of the Catskills. So it was with great pleasure that I awaited receipt of her newest collection of poems. I now keep “What I Wanted To Say” next to my easy chair for quick access when something reminds me of an image or observation in one of her poems and I wish to re-savor the gem within its full setting.

Litt’s work is not only enjoyable and admirable for its original and often very moving images and observations, but for its easy flow of language. I find myself at home with her words, even as she travels to Italy and the tropics, or speaks to the realities of heartfelt relationships and painful losses, or wonders and remembers. Her subjects range from the very personal to the more societal in scope. Two poems on recycling both make their points with humor, and those about the theft of her purse while traveling demonstrate her awareness of the probable child thief’s need.

I could go on, citing examples of the honesty, humor and insight that inform her poetry. But I’ll simply close with the last two stanzas of one of my favorites in this new collection, that I feel speak more clearly than I can:

[from HABITS]

....I try to use our magic
like a pail of lime
which they say dissolves
all things including rage

so I can get to the clear
rippleless surface
of the love that lives
beneath these waves
like a fathomless pond.”

Litt’s work offers many unique, fascinating and illuminating reflections on that pond, in which we lovers of poetry can take great delight.

* * * *

* Available directly from the author:
Iris Litt, 21 Cedar Way, Woodstock, New York 12498
$13.35 per copy ($12.00 + $1.35 postage).
Also availabe through and
at St. Marks Books on Third Avenue & Ninth Street,
Manhattan, New York, NY

* * * *

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