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Sunday, May 27, 2007


By Bruce Boston
Published by Sam's Dot Publishing
P.O. Box 782
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0782

“For ninety percent of our populace primary conditioning creates stable Citizens, individuals capable of expressing their individuality in socially acceptable fashion....Yet despite the utmost efforts of our Guardeners, the occasional aberrant remains in our midst....”

And so begins “The Guardener’s Tale.” It would be accurate to continue this review by saying this book is an amazing journey in the vein of “Brave New World” or “1984.” But it would also be misleading as this stimulating, dark, creative and intense read is much more than an exploration of socio-political issues. For in this compelling book Boston also explores romantic love, personal identity, and deep psychology, among other issues.

For instance, as I read, even though anxious to know what came next, I’d find myself stopping to ponder just how do we become who we are becoming? How is belief created and maintained? Why do some individuals fight for authenticity at any cost? Who decides what is “sane” and “healthy”? My journal is filled with notes and questions raised by this story.

I hasten to add, however, that this is not a heavy philosophical or political book. To the contrary, it is an engaging and inventive journey with satisfying action set in an all too believable future world. A world populated by intriguing characters who change and surprise, again and again.

In short, Boston has accomplished quite a feat, building a very satisfying future-fiction ride, that at the same time raises crucial questions for our times about the incredible and creative complexity of being human.

To learn more about "The Guardener's Tale" visit here.

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At 12:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there lady,
I loved your review. It makes me want to run right out and get the book, but I will have to wait. I really like the title spelling Guardners, that gives me a clue. I don't believe that I have read a review by you before except for dream, tarot, and related subjects. I may be showing how many of your entries I have miss by making that statement, in which case I am sorry. Keep in Touch. -VCW -Charline

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

Glad you liked the review, Charline. Bruce is also a fabulous poet, both speculative and "regular." And, yes, I have reviewed others sorts of books here, i.e., scifaiku collections. Good to hear from you!


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