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Friday, April 20, 2007

FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD... (Cartoon)

["For cryin' out loud, let go of the stick!"]

I don't even remember how old this cartoon is. This is an umpteenth generation xerox of it, the original clipped cartoon long since having crumbled to dust. It's been on my refrigerator in this apartment for many years. Recently I've been noticing it a lot and laughing, as it's how I've been feeling even more than ever. That is, what good is all my awareness (extra-sensory and otherwise) when all I do with it is cling to it? When is it time to let go and do something with what I know? But dare I let go as what unknown might I now be dangling above? Maybe posting this cartoon will help end the suspense. LOL!

For those not familiar with dowsing, which is what this cartoon is poking fun at, its an "Occult practice used for finding water, minerals, or other hidden substances. A dowser generally uses a Y-shaped piece of hazel, rowan, or willow wood (also called a dowser or a divining rod). The dowser grasps the rod by its two prongs and appears, while walking, to be receiving transmissions from beneath the earth. If the rod quivers violently or points downward, some buried substance has been located. First practiced in Europe during the Middle Ages, dowsing is most often used to find water but may also be employed to locate precious metals, buried treasure, archaeological remains, or even dead bodies." Source: Britannica Concise Encyclopedia online.

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