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Thursday, July 31, 2008


[Image: Temperance (XIV) in The Mary El Tarot]

This month’s crop is probably the least viable that I’ve had since I started doing this in May of 2006. Which makes sense, as in the middle of the month I had very minimal dream recall, and what recall I did have I was lazy about recording and writing any dream poems about. You’ll notice more dream tanka than usual. I was filling in the days for which I had not one dreamku that I’d written or cared to post, with dream tanka I had written earlier. Most of the dream tanka below were written only a matter of several weeks earlier, but by and large, the dreamku (and dream tanka) that I post here are much more current even than that, so it feels like a bit of a “cheat.”

I just read through again to select one or two to highlight this introduction and I found a few more than I had remembered feeling were OK. Here’s one from July 7th:

the spear slips home
“We are connected
by what pierces”

And this pair from one dream of July 12th gives me a satisfying chuckle:


I start channeling
from my first row seat
a man doubts me

my eyes refocus
I call him by his
many secret names

Oh, and one more, this one from July 16th I like because it is probably the most truly haiku-like dreamku I’ve written in a long time:

her silhouette
before a plate glass window
the choppy lake


July 1, 2008

small window-shaped scenes
linked left to right
her new name

July 2, 2008

I pat the stuffed toy
as I rest it in the chair
purple elephant

July 3, 2008

matchless a wild fire looms on the mountain*

* This is a one-liner that became part of a haibun I posted here, about the wild fire on the mountains over Goleta, CA where I live. "Matchless" in addition to referencing the sight of flames on the mountainside, ashes falling like a snow flurry, and dense grey sky with yellowish light from the wild fire, is a pun on my lack of matches to light candles when the electricity went out. It is not a dreamku, if rather surreal as well as raising memories of 9/11 and the many black-outs I lived through in New York city.

July 4, 2008

he's filed for divorce
she leans forward happily
to show her cleavage*

*HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! This dreamku is about the only one I could find in my notebook that had a celebratory feel to it. :-D

July 5, 2008

two-sided surfaces
Mariah Carey judges me
or so I assume

July 6, 2008

I stir up
her bowl full of cereal
the sweet squares rise

July 7, 2008

the spear slips home
“We are connected
by what pierces”

July 8, 2008

though she’s grateful
she wants her toddler son back
the boat docks

July 9, 2008


we spiral slowly
down a long church entranceway
the young pastor leaves

one by one, just men's
ancestry is verified
spiraling roll call

one by one, we all find
places to stand along the hall
a lone Jewish man

I stop walking
and join my Jewish friend
comfort against the wall

friends of my youth
she pushes his empty wheelchair
out of the spiral

she has mourned
his death for a full year
she lets the chair go

* A dreamku series covering one dream.

July 10, 2008

cliff hanger
I pull word after word from
the star-filled dark

(a dreamku written recently on a vague visual memory of a 40 year old dream)

July 11, 2008

a new generation
of eucalyptus thrives here
on being cut down
I ask they save for transplant
the tree trunks I helped nurture

(a dream tanka)

July 12, 2008


I start channeling
from my first row seat
a man doubts me

my eyes refocus
I call him by his
many secret names

July 13, 2008


we go through
the glossy old catalog
long gone friend

I wipe each page
with a rose scented cloth
what’ll we buy this time

July 14, 2008


grey carpeted room
they call us guests
but we know better

small lumps of carpet
scurry by my feet
semi-alive bug spies

July 15, 2008

gas station speech
Obama* fills up while
his guests go to church

*[the presumed Democratic nominee for US President]

July 16, 2008

her silhouette
before a plate glass window
the choppy lake

July 17, 2008

pointing left she says
that one’s great just for women
empty white sand beach
I head for the only shade
stripping quickly as I walk

July 18, 2008

flat nighttime shadows
fill the cold statue garden
between two columns
lie photos for a collage
picked only for their feathers

July 19, 2008


prairie calendar
black and white horses in front
of a grand oak tree

for difficult meetings
any month's sixth day

*Those familiar with the Tarot might see The Chariot (VII) in the first dreamku of this pair, and The Lovers (VI) in the second.

July 20, 2008

from his human form
he shifts to his core body
gills await water
green scales refract in sunrise
proof the infant is not his

July 21, 2008

blurry pastel dreams
of not being prepared
my stepmother hovers

July 22, 2008

my deceased horse-cat
says Regis Philbin just died
long scrolling obit*

*The odd thing with this dreamku's source dream is that it was such a convincing speech by the dead horse-cat, that I was almost surprised to see Regis alive on his show that morning. LOL! (Who’s impressionable?)

July 23, 2008

the soldier wounds himself
with a plant bulb he uproots
"April is the cruelest month"*
to keep fighting at the front
with newborn babies at home

* The quoted words open the t.s. eliot poem "The Wasteland." I heard them in the dream several times.

July 24, 2008

on his lengthy leg wound
a water mocassin
beneath a huge black leech
we pull the placid snake out
its stitching shines in the moonlight

July 25, 2008

out of our shared past
the scantily clad young boy
comes for the package
shivering and bold, he says
why should I deliver it?

July 26, 2008

reformed gunfighter
he kisses the topaz ring
he gave me

July 27, 2008

tiger tracking
my poetic perspective's
the missing essential

July 28, 2008


he criticizes
my hiking stick flute playing*
gray-walled conference

their endless fight
angered I yell "cut it out"
leaderless group

proof of no ego
her prompt and quiet exit
from the argument

* I just recently bought an actual bamboo walking stick that is also a transverse flute. And I can't play it very well as the finger holes are a little too far apart for my small hands (I've had this problem with other flutes I did not get a chance to check out beforehand). I'll eventually find the right angle at which to hold my left hand and fingers, which are the most problematic. What playing I can do at this point has a really nice mellow sound.

July 29, 2008

I pull the names
of war dead out of the listing
observant old vet

July 30, 2008

new home, young brother
I pull the divider-curtain
between he and me

July 31, 2008

the baseball cap beak
of her black nun-like habit
early client

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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