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Friday, September 07, 2007


Bringing the Sacred Power of the Divine Mother into Our Lives
Author: Sondra Ray
New World Library
ISBN: 9781930722750
Price: $14.95

“Ray describes her pilgrimages to holy places where she has seeked [sic] the divine feminine ... Her reflections ... provide insight and inspiration as well as suggestions for worship and renewal. Ray’s ... insightful teaching and prayers, show how embracing the Divine Mother can help attract more love, abundance, clarity, and wisdom into your life... Ray demonstrates that the Divine Mother’s presence is essential to both inner peace and peace in the world.” [from outside back cover]

I found the above blurb very enticing. I have related deeply and lovingly (and in awe) to The Great Goddess In All Her Many Guises for many years, so I thought “This is right up my alley!” Unfortunately, it turned out not to be, though I kept hoping as I read that it would turn out otherwise.

The author says that The Divine Mother is available/present to all, is in effect the same Great Mother who can be found in all spiritual paths. I could not agree more. However, the book is so thoroughly steeped in the author’s particular practices as to make The Great Goddess seem reachable only by lengthy rituals half-way around the world in an ecstatic tradition of deep trances and intense psychic events. In my own experience, the Great Goddess is present even in the smallest moments of life, making Herself known in the tender and ordinary bat of an eyelash (and just as quickly). I am not certain the author would necessarily disagree with this, by the way. My trouble is with the author’s unbalanced presentation of how one can connect to the Divine Mother.

I was also left feeling I’d been all too clearly and precisely told exactly what the path to The Divine Mother is, how to heal my emotional and psychological wounds, and what society and the world need for healing. And although part of what she says I would not completely disagree with, I cannot agree that this path is The Panacea. No one spiritual path has the “inside track” on healing ourselves or the earth. Even one that so clearly aims to bring the love of The Divine Mother into our world.

Therefore, as much as my spirit thrums in sympathy with some aspects of this book, I would not recommend it except to those already drawn to works such as “A Course in Miracles” (the concept of “miracle consciousness” being part of both The Course and this book) or to an ecstatic spiritual tradition.

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