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Friday, August 31, 2007


Black Madonna, Notre Dame des Neiges/Our Lady of the Snows

I don’t really know how to make any sort of sensible overview of this month’s dreamku. The past few month’s have been a mixed batch, but this month’s is even more so. Hm, as I typed that and was thinking of the Black Madonna above (see dreamku and note of 8/31 below), I realized the one constant thread through these is “mother.” Even when not overtly stated, some are referencing “mother issues.”

A little background: my mother died when I was ten and worse than her passing was how my family dealt – or rather did not deal with it, afterwards and in subsequent years. Yes, family in general seems to have been a theme this month. Not surprising as I’m preparing (hopefully) to move out of this apartment I’ve lived in for 23 years. A place where I’ve grown deeper and more nourishing roots than I’ve ever had in the previous two-thirds of my life. A personal “motherland,” if you will.


August 1, 2007

woodland road bank
the comedian keeps her
from tumbling

August 2, 2007

darkened room
they don’t like my gift
of two golden dolls

August 3, 2007

memory check
I’m driven back to that old
Irish bar

August 4, 2007

feeling ignored
I leave the grand dinner
costly move

August 5, 2007

he feeds his pet rat
human-shaped ice cream
it thanks him

August 6, 2007

if I let him stab her
he’ll not cut me
I fight to disarm him

August 7, 2007


the staircase falls
against the wall on the right
moving day

we can anchor
the leaning stairs on the left
wide gap

we look for supplies
to straighten up the staircase
the way out

August 8, 2007

he plays the game
I try to make my point
tennis mismatch

August 9, 2007

we replay
our mother’s early death
nothing changes

August 10, 2007

better days
I cajole myself awake
singing an old song

August 11, 2007

the very tall girl
is a champ at basketball
I play low ball

August 12, 2007

all its old buttons
morph into strings
black desert boot

August 13, 2007

four point landing
the feral kitten pulls out
strands of my hair

August 14, 2007

the rally chooses
Oprah as their candidate
no fuss, no bother

August 15, 2007

I take notes as he
rattles off his beliefs
unknown driver

August 16, 2007

his dark jacket
has a large back pleat
my future lover

August 17, 2007

they refuse to treat
her new skull fracture
a knotted old one

August 18, 2007

she proclaims the
miscarriage was not her fault
he fakes agreement

August 19, 2007

her dying mother
fills us in on the dangers
subway dust

August 20, 2007

he wants to put them
a mile above it all
no safety

August 21, 2007

we publish romance
novels from my kitchen
food fight!

August 22, 2007

I can’t count on
any face values
Hitler’s currency

August 23, 2007

they upset me
so I leave the meeting
their vague amusement

she comes after me
to get me to go back
a fresh goal calls

August 24, 2007

hairy naked men
climb from the didjeridu
a prowling man

August 25, 2007


everyone tells him
he's something else
confused alien

the truth is he's
bearded companion

August 26, 2007

fear at night
the grandmother graciously
sleeps beside me

August 27, 2007

chance meeting
her pictures and words still
do not match up

August 28, 2007

he tries to fit
his T.V. in a past home
is this allowed

August 29, 2007


our mother
falls unconscious at the wheel
I pinch her

my brother and I
struggle to reach the pedals

night under the trees
I pull
the emergency brake

August 30, 2007

they find our secret
computer subdrive
soap opera accounts


through the plate glass
I watch a building collapse
dark woman and child

he breaks the pane that
keeps the woman and child out
I fear hurting them

*I found my notes for the 32 year-old dream the above are based on yesterday, scribbled in the back inside flap of a crumbling paperback book. Synchronistically, both then and now I am faced with an emotionally difficult move to a new home (then it involved leaving a woman and child I'd been living with for years). I see a lot more in that dream than I'll go into here. And simply add that the book the dream was scribbled in was "The Divine Milieu," spiritual writings of Teilhard de Chardin, a christian Father. So there was a bit of The Black Madonna in this dream; the reminder is welcome today. Ah, I just realized these are the last dreamku for August. Somehow that seems appropriate.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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