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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HAIKU: Response to One Deep Breath Prompt of 9-18-07


eye of newt, bat's tongue
dessicated and powdered
sprinkle liberally

'tis soon to be the season! (Cackle, cackle...) The prompt on One Deep Breath this week is to write a recipe, and use a title if we wish. Since food is an area of my life fraught with difficulty I decided to take a different tack on "recipe..." And since I'm a Pagan, it is thoroughly fitting, as well. :-D

* * * *

'til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 12:36 PM , Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

I like your take on recipe...!

At 1:03 PM , Blogger get zapped said...

What fun! Good thing I already ate ;p

At 1:45 PM , Blogger Jo said...

Wonderful haiku. I also have food issues (no wheat, no refined stuff, I can only drink white wine.....). Though eating out can be perilous, I actually I prefer the way I eat now, much healthier.

At 2:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will happen to me if I make this recipe??

At 3:40 PM , Blogger Tumblewords: said...

Oh, I like this!

At 5:34 PM , Blogger Greggo said...

hahaha! love your haiku. i came THIS close to using 'eye of newt' in my bubbling cauldren too. lol. great minds think alike, yes? ;-)

At 7:21 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

jo: Yes, I love how much my health and mood is improving the longer I'm eating healthier. But I still get side-swiped by "bad" cravings, though less and less often, and they are less severe, I have to admit. :-)

Sandy: If you make this recipe, nothing. But, ah, if you sprinkle it on yours or someone else's dinner -- instant ability to see the future. And that is a mixed blessing for sure. LOL!

Greggo: I almost didn't use those two creatures in the first line as they are so well-known. But realized that's exactly why to use them -- they quickly tell the reader this is a witchy recipe. :-D

At 8:17 PM , Blogger Rae Trigg said...

I really like your take on 'haiku recipe.' I can almost see the cooks standing around the cauldron.

At 6:24 AM , Blogger paisley said...

i believe you and greggo are conspiring to push us head first in halloween!!!!!

At 8:36 AM , Blogger Clare said...

What a cool recipe haiku! I love this. It conjures up wonderful images and scenes.

At 9:26 AM , Blogger Patois42 said...

I hope you don't mind if others enjoy Halloween with you. Great ku. Love "dessicated."

At 3:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A recipe I would not dare use, as I wish to control my future as I go, but a wonderful recipe haiku, Patricia.

At 5:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know too what happens with this potion? And what do you mean by 'sprinkle liberally'? Hee!

At 8:12 PM , Blogger mitzh said...

This so cute!


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