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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Saturn's Rings

Before I comment on December's dreamku, I'd like to say that the month of dreamku for January 2008 may be posted a bit later than the first of February. I will probably have shipped my computer to my new home in California around the time I would normally post January's dreamku.

The month's worth below -- December 2007 -- is rather a mixed batch. LOL! I've said that before about a month’s dreamku when no theme or other sort of comment immediately occurs to me about them.

I do have to admit that I’m rather fond of the below pair from this month:


dark would be lover
he growls he's not her father
but a man named Seth

his passion transmutes her
into a wild woman
tight black leather

Lots of wishful thinking going on there, methinks! And that title? A reference to the dark pillar, headed up by the Sephirah called Binah on the Qabalist Tree of Life. “The energies present in Binah are linked to the Saturn-like influences in astrology. This Saturnian energy often invokes understanding, but only an understanding through patience and time of the hidden and unknown. Saturn's energy is demanding in what it asks of the individual, but it never asks for less than the individual is capable of giving. For this reason, Binah is often perceived as dark and black because all colors are hidden within black. The color black veils the divine glory until time and understanding reveal it. This sphere is the place to seek the understanding of situations that have been difficult and obscure. It is a place of answers, but not until the time is right.” (from Wisdomdoor) We're in the sign of Capricorn now which is ruled by Saturn, and I'm a Capricorn -- born January 4. That quote about Binah pretty much describes what this month has been for me: dark and difficult, but promising. And I’d say that mix is reflected in the dreamku below.


December 1, 2007

I refuse to wear
the urine soaked diaper
my big girl panties

December 2, 2007

pre-game season
young men shyly await
the nude women walk

December 3, 2007


they welcome me
to their lovely but hard path
I hesitate

I choose my outfit
for the plane flight
bright green sneakers

December 4, 2007

she’s disturbed that he
won’t stop arguing with her
packing it in

December 5, 2007

I scramble down
the concrete bridge piling
course correction

December 6, 2007

her new chapbook
I will be published on*

* In the dream I knew these initials stood for the National Association of Artists & Scientists. :-)

December 7, 2007

the bandaid peels from my sole
new skin comes with it

December 8, 2007


I skim
the large lake's clear surface
tense angling

as I barely float
two sharks criss-cross before me
they radiate cold

December 9, 2007


dark would be lover
he growls he's not her father
but a man named Seth

his passion transmutes her
into a wild woman
tight black leather

December 10, 2007


a haiku series
based on an Elvis poem
her writing prompt

window sill
each evening I leave more
Elvis cards for her

last minute rush
I xerox my Elvis cards
before giving them

mask askew and
aswim in her brother's shoes
toddler Elvis

December 11, 2007

I fear the peach tree
will break out of our four walls
branches bow gently

*I googled for peaches symbolism, as it's an unusual dream image for me. They have all sorts of wonderful meanings, like long life and love.

December 12, 2007

red glider suits
a course in Irish dancing
in Russia

December 13, 2007

she invites him
into the shower with her
each would rather read

December 14, 2007


surprise encore
a 50's rock 'n roll group
who are still young

now only storage
but once a hip boutique
Rubber Raisin Room

December 15, 2007

once estranged she
still keeps picking fights with me
I send her to bed

December 16, 2007

another hurdle
Britney Spears sleeps it off
on the bathroom floor

December 17, 2007

pagan gathering
young women wade in matching
sequined bathing suits

December 18, 2007

the fish shaped mobile
moves itself to above the door

December 19, 2007

eye opener
the used angel fish skirt
fits me just fine

December 20, 2007

it doesn’t eat me
but only acts as a hobble
an observant child

December 21, 2007

thick skinned apple
same sweet flesh

December 22, 2007


doctor escort
my unskilled performances
at the fun party

the white haired old man
in a crisp business suit
new performer

December 23, 2007

the revered actress
teaches me to Fox Trot
gay ballroom

December 24, 2007

down elevator
she resembles a woman
in an ancient myth

December 25, 2007

she canoodles
an alien creature keeps
yanking on her braid

December 26, 2007

thumping basket
she hauls her grand-daughter
up the long stairs

December 27, 2007

unfamiliar roads
stretch three ways before me
return trip

December 28, 2007

how can I turn off
the hot air blower
upper level switch

December 29, 2007

it’s his attitude
that’s off-putting
who cares if he’s right

December 30, 2007

her mother searches
underground tunnels for her
he fails to distract

December 31, 2007

again and again
she empties the huge jug
admirable strength

* * * *

‘til next time have a very Blessed and Safe New Year, and keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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