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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SCIFAIKU by Patricia Kelly

nuclear spring
an ancient lighthouse points
to the shattered moon

Only days after I wrote this scifaiku in July of 2006, I received my copy of T.V. Guide with this above ad on the back cover for a new T.V. show. I'd not known about this show and it's premise of life in a small town after nuclear war, resulting in a shattered moon. Imagine my utter surprise!

I had to cut the ad in two because it had T.V. show advertising in the middle. I tried "pasting" it together again in the Paint program but the seam was very disruptive. I think my compromise works well enough, even echoing the idea of "shattering."

This scifaiku (sans the ad) was just published (along with another poem of mine) in the recently released "Dwarf Stars 2007." From the back cover "...this collection from the Science Fiction Poetry Association assembles 41 short poems of the fantastic from some of the most vibrant creators in the field." It's a delightful collection and I highly recommend it, especially -- but not only -- for lovers of speculative poetry. Visit the SFPA site to read more about it and/or to place an order; just scroll down on the left: Science Fiction Poetry Association.

NOTE OF MARCH 2, 2008: This scifaiku was just published on, a site that offers a daily haiku, both on site and by email. It was quite a delight to have a scifaiku accepted for this haiku-focussed site. And, I must admit, it tickles me that it is one of mine. :-)

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