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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yes, I admit it! I’m being overtaken by sentimentality. Now that it’s definite that I’m moving to California all sorts of things are tugging at my heart strings as I let them go. I hasten to add I’m also absolutely delighted to move. And that it’s mildly miraculous I’m making this move at all, given my financial state along with many other issues. I am endlessly grateful to the Deities for responding to my prayers and magic working. In addition, my gratitude goes out to my friends in California whose help has been and is continuing to be tremendous.

One of the things doing a lot of tugging at my heart is the beautiful little island, Block Island, Rhode Island that I’ve posted about here before. It has been unlikely but not impossible that I would make any trips up there again. (It’s just off the east tip of Long Island where I live.) But moving to the West Coast makes it almost an impossibility I will visit there again. So my memories are even more precious.

I took the below photos in the late 1980's. I would go to Block Island every year right after Labor Day. But these photos were taken on my one pre-summer tourist season trip, in spring just as things were about to get really green and bright.

This one above is of one piece of a sculptor's work that was in several places around the island that year. This one really caught my attention as it looks to me like a Wiccan High Priestess or High Priest invoking an ocean Deity.

When I saw this fabulous "gate to nowhere" I just stood there, musing on it. I kept telling a friend of mine how much of Block Island reminded me of photos I'd seen of Ireland. Until he saw this photo he didn't quite believe me.

Ah, and ah again. And that's just what I would say when I got to the bench beneath this wonderful tree. All I did when on the island was hike, and I'd start at my hotel, way up in the middle of the island, hike down and east and be very grateful for this bench. Which happens to be right before the South East Light, which you can vaguely see in the left distance.

This pond is just one of many you see around the island. This one I believe is on the west side or maybe along the road going up the middle of the island. One day I got caught out hiking as it started storming heavily. I stood by a pond very much like this with my slicker on and watched the rain stirring up the pond.

These are the gazillions of stairs down to Mohegan Bluffs beach. At the bottom of the stairs you still aren't on the beach. There's a steep path between large rocks, that has more scattered rocks on it. But the beach is well worth it. Especially to look back up at the bluffs. I posted a haiga here with a better photo of these stairs that I found online: one hundred steps down/to lie on the beach/one hundred steps up. Don't know if it actually is 100, but it sure feels like it!

This stamp is on a post card I have. The picture is of the South East Light that I mentioned above. This painting of the SE Light shows how close to Mohegan Bluffs it stands. I'm not sure, but I think this painting was done before they moved the Light further back from the eroding bluffs. The Post Office issued this stamp in 1999.

Of course, there are gorgeous beaches near where I’m moving in Goleta (outside Santa Barbara). One is only seven blocks away. But they aren’t the same as the beautiful beaches we have here in the North East. I’ll carry memories of Block Island’s beaches in particular with me.

* * * *

Resource: Block Island Photography, some gorgeous aerial photos, a nice contrast to my up close ones above.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


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