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Monday, June 04, 2007


[On most systems, you can click on the image to see a larger version in which details are somewhat clearer.]

I've just finished filling up a large spiral bound journal whose collaged cover I've posted here a few times. The collage above is the one I just did on my new journal cover.

Some of the images are a bit "soft" for my scanner, but I think for the most part the various images come across. The words beneath the fairy in the upper right are "Go Away," which are highly appropriate as she's guarding the privacy of the journal. :-) The words just below that on the pale pink CD cover are "Dreamkeeper," also highly appropriate for any journal of mine. The image in the little circle on the upper left is Kokopelli, who in the American Indian tradition is said to spread seeds as he wanders playing his flute. (Need I say it? I play various wind instruments....) And all the horses? I've always loved horses and recently have had lots of horse dreams. That woman sitting in a chair with the book in her lap and cats around her? She's The Page of Pentacles in The Tarot of the Cat People. And that's pretty much what I feel like when in my easy chair, where I spend so much time reading -- both books and Tarot. (I used to have cats, too.) That easy chair is like the throne (LOL!) at the center of my little apartment universe.

I hope some enjoyment comes through from my little universe to whatever universes you traverse.

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‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 8:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roswila - I got taken to your blog via my Google alert on "Horse Dreams." Come to find many shared interests, including horses, cats, Tarot--for many years my significator was the Queen of Pentacles. Used to live in NYC, too. (According to the New Yorker magazine a couple of weeks ago, the last stable in NYC just closed! Sad. Love the collage! Please visit my site at Horsensei Equine Assisted Learning and THerapy (HEALTH)

A few days ago I rec'd my Medicine Cards deck--Native American animals. Will try some divination with the cards...finding my Soul Horse.

Have you read Dream Animals by James Hillman? Highly recommended.

At 11:29 AM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Beverley,

I'm so delighted you found my blog. Not surprised at all it was Horse and dreams that brought you here. :-)

I'm putting up a link to your site in my sidebar today.

I've known about equine helpers for some time. Your programs and others like it are doing such wonderful, needed work. I used to work for the fund raising office of an institute for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled. We had tried to get funds for our clients to take part in just such a program. I hope in the years since I've left this has come to pass.

I posted a horse head sketch of mine here with a month's worth of dreamku, among which there are some of my horse dreams:

I use the Medicine Cards every so often, especially when I have an animal dream and want to know more. A friend recently got a great deal of support and insight from what is shared about Cougar in the book (she'd dreamed about a cougar). Hope you like it, too!

BTW, Horse is my primary power animal, from earliest memory. Siberian Tiger (and by extension, all tigers) came along in my middle age (or maybe just made itself known then). :-)

Some synchronicity, my signficator by astrology sun sign (Capricorn) is also the Queen of Pentacles. LOL!

And yes, it was so sad to hear the Central Park stables had closed. I hear the remaining four boroughs still each have a stable, but who knows for how long.

No, I haven't read "Dream Animals" but am certainly going to check into it.

Thanks for dropping by!


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