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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A ZERO G GARDEN (A Scifi Renku)

Zen Garden, by Ciro Marchetti

You may have noted my fondness for small poetry forms. Today’s post is a renku, with a science fiction theme. It was written by Oino and myself in comments to my Daily Dreamku (prompted there by Oino, and posted here with his permission).

Renku are usually written by two or more people, though sometimes by one person. A renku consists of alternating three- and two-line stanzas and is often considerably longer than ours below. The starting three-line verse of a renku is what evolved into the haiku form. The most important features of a renku are linking and shifting. "Linking," very simply put, is responding in some way to the previous lines. The fun (and skill) is in making the link very subtle or unusual. "Shifting" is taking the theme or subject or setting off in a different direction.

I’ve identified the authors below each contribution, and the two of mine that were Daily Dreamku. (For non-scifi fans, the letters "FTL" stand for "faster than light," and "Dorsai" refers to a military scifi book series by Dickson.) I share this renku mostly to share the form itself, but also to remember how much fun it is to await a response and then savor it. :-)


it's the hope of the future
space dragon's hatchling
pk [dreamku]

imprints on an astronaut
at last we'll go FTL

holistic farming
the evidence of old wounds
is more intriguing
pk [dreamku]

entombed in his armor
a soldier of Dorsai

ours to do and die
at the galactic wormhole
no turning back

backs to the stars
we repair the warp drive

* * *

Resource: Haiku Society of America’s definitions, you can read a much more detailed description of renku here.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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