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Thursday, March 22, 2007


You may have seen occasional posts here of collages I've made on my various journal book covers. This one below I made several years ago as either a birthday or holiday gift for my roommate of seven years. Since Stephanie is moving out in a little over a month to get married, I asked her permission to scan it in so I'd have it in digital form.

The original is quite a bit larger than my scanner bed, so I had to scan it in in two sections. Then I had to figure out how to combine those sections into one image. You can see the "seam" at the top third of the image below. However, given the limits of the Paint computer program and my skills, it's not too bad. Some detail has gotten lost in the scan process, but the "feel" of the collage overall is the same, IMHO. Just in case it isn't obvious, Stephanie is (among other things) a huge fantasy fan, a writer, and a bibliophile.

At her request, I am currently collaging the cover of the sign-in book that will be at her wedding reception. She's going to have a supply of bright colored pens with the large book for people to write and draw in it whatever they'd like to the happy couple. I'll post that collage here, too, when it's done. It's just the right size for my scanner, so it'll be seamless. :-)

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Resource: Dream Image Collages.

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At 1:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Patricia... fyi. I've had good luck fitting together larger-than-scanner images by scanning two halfs that are each more than half, then using a 'fade' in Photoshop to over lap them. Still visible to the discerning eye, but pretty good if I do say so myself :)

Mary Pat

At 7:43 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

Thanks for the info, Mary Pat. I don't recall Paint having a "fade" function. But will check again. (I don't have Photoshop.) I've also been putting off checking out the photo editor that came with my scanner to see if it's any more sophisticated than the Paint program. This ole brain really resists learning anything techy these days. It just wants to stay -- more than ever -- out in the creative realms. LOL!


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