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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Author: John J. Dunphy
Illustrator: 7ARS
Sam's Dot Publishing
[see bottom of post for ordering information]

You may have read my review of Dunphy's book, "Old Soldiers Fading Away," a serious collection of haiku and other small poetry forms. "Stellar Possibilities" is a very different collection of small forms, almost entirely scifaiku (haiku-based scfi-fi/fantasy form), with a decidedly humorous bent overall:

his turn to bowl -
the alien rolls a ball
in every lane

prom night
her alien date's boutonniere
growing from his chest

This is a good point at which to mention the illustrations by 7ARS, that so delightfully puncutate many of Dunphy's humorous poems.

Then there are surprise, more serious gems, such as:

where once Dad's tombstone stood
his hologram

child's burial
weeping next to the parents
the android nanny

Dunphy's scifaiku also invite us to think about how future changes may effect us:

jury selection
prosecutor objects to
the defendant's clone

baptismal water
on the alien infant's forehead

The book ultimately left me feeling I'd not so much explored the future or met charming and intriguing aliens (though these do abound), as been offered fresh views of here and now:

meteor shower
even more stunning seen from
another planet

Sometimes we have to leave "home" to fully appreciate and know it. This book offers us just such an opportunity, while also providing a fun, imaginative ride.

* * * *

PLEASE NOTE: Copies can be purchased through the author at:

The Second Reading Book Shop
16 East Broadway
Alton, IL 62002
$6.00, plus $1.00 postage
Illinois residents, please include 7.1% sales tax.
Out of USA, query for shipping rates.
Phone orders: 618-462-2830, Mastercard and Visa accepted.

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