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Sunday, January 21, 2007

GREY (A Scifaiku String by Various Authors)

[Gray Dawn, by Jonathan Cummings, on]

Back when I first started this blog, I did a post about scifaiku (scroll down to my post on scifaiku; see also "Resource" below for a scifaiku link). I've been writing in this haiku-based scifi/fantasy/horror form and taking part in a yahoo scifaiku group for years. I thought I'd share a recent string that I really enjoyed on this yahoo group.

For anyone not familiar with how a group like this works, someone makes a post. Then someone else appends a response, and so on. Sometimes the "Subject" topic is the guide for posts. At other times something in the last piece posted is the inspiration for the next responding (linking) scifaiku. The linking can be obvious or very subtle (puns are frequently made), but there is always some connection between each scifaiku in the string, from one to the other, and/or via the subject.

I'm not sure why the one below tickles me so. Maybe because I've been feeling like such an alien myself these days, even more than my usual wont. LOL! In any event, I share it here for you to enjoy. All authors have given their permission for their work to be posted here. Their names and contact information are listed at the end of this post in the order that the individual scifaiku appear.

Subject: Grey

the grey day blooms pale -
colour harvesters done with
the grey planet's dirt

another New Year
the greys' eyes
still haunt in dreams

it must be a Grey game--
one of us taken away
another given back

giving back
that grey sweater you bought me
in the spaceport gift shop

drove an awesome speedster
in some parallel dimension
winter-cloud gray

swallowed by light beams
he's one of the Disappeared
- the Greys go shopping

aboard an alien craft
returned to myself

* * * *

And may we all be returned to ourselves by creativity and community when we are abducted by some life event, or wander too far away in sheer befuddlement.


Helen Patrice:;

Patricia (a/k/a Roswila)

oino sakai:


David Kopaska-Merkel:

Helen Patrice: see above

sakyu: see above

* * * *


‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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