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Monday, January 01, 2007


Journal Cover Collage by Patricia Kelly 2006

The collaged cover above is not on one of my dreamku journals, but on a regular, "catch-all" journal, that does include some dream work though. As I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I can't help pasting up pictures anywhere I find a clear, flat surface. :-) Thank the Deities for refrigerator magnets!

Many of this month's dreamkus have to do with people relationships. Not surprising this time of year with all the holiday celebrations. There are a few set in hospitals and/or about illness, and then this one: psyche or soma/the breath rushes/from my lungs. I think these were, at least at one level, referencing my Uncle's illness and death due to "complications from emphysema" in mid-October. We were estranged so I did not even hear of his death until the last week in December, by when I had already had the dreams and posted the dreamlus about them that I now see as referencing him. Yes, I know, I know, 20/20 hindsight. In any event, I had loved him very much as a child and he had a profound effect on me. When I learned of his death, I lit a candle in his memory and asked that our souls work out what we were not able to during his lifetime.

I also note more color in these than is usual for my dreams. I tend to understand color in dreams and a love of color in waking life as generally indicating emotionality. I'd say that's been more than usually true this month. Both for the worse and for the better, both waking and sleeping. :-D (Specific colors can each have a variety of specific "meanings" in dreams. Click here for Robert Hoss's guidelines on color in dreams.)


December 1, 2006

suitors line up:
a nice guy, a youngster,
the sad vampire

December 2, 2006

dark museum
she gives her enemy
a silver platter

December 3, 2006

we trade stories
of old lovers
truth abandoned

December 4, 2006

she tumbles
through the stars

December 5, 2006

the old woman smooths
her green and orange dress
waiting room

December 6, 2006

the medics catch
his raging father

December 7, 2006

hospital visit
she requests a religious

December 8, 2006

cottage retreat
the ancient snake-bear
snaps at me

December 9, 2006

cartoon clown –
she yearns to edit
real people

December 10, 2006

I fit inside
my own breast pocket
laundry day

December 11, 2006

ancient Roman feast
she rubs lion oil on her
legs to seduce

December 12, 2006

they try to teach her
to toss a football
get a grip

December 13, 2006

through the cascade
I see her walk away
dark echos

December 14, 2006

last ditch effort
I catch the falling
infant boy

December 15, 2006

underwater exit
tunnel of air

December 16, 2006

psyche or soma
the breath rushes
from my lungs

December 17, 2006

a man on the brink
I float slowly along
under the bridge

December 18, 2006

I thread extension cords
throughout the walls
worn down

December 19, 2006

it’s a crime
Superman and Lois
break out of jail

December 20, 2006

coins on the
belly dancer’s skirt jingle
dream costume

December 21, 2006

we sail into
a massive harbor
the unknown looms

December 22, 2006

a backward woman
in a dark cave
group myth

December 23, 2006

blessing in disguise
she can now spend time
tending her garden

December 24, 2006

anger and love
feel the same in her body
the heart’s choice

December 25, 2006

lavender wool
wound around didjeridus
loom of the gods

December 26, 2006

the robot
does the laundry...
I wish!

December 27, 2006

worlds tumbled
new ones built and forgotten
broken sleep

December 28, 2006

book cover
the bright colored Crone
has many eyes

December 29, 2006

he ferries me on
a blue-green pallet
precocious child

December 30, 2006

she walks alone
into the rainy night
red satin gown

December 31, 2006

she accepts the half-glass
of golden liqueur

* * * *

These dream haiku were rarely written or dreamed on the dates on which they were posted; an occasional one is even years old. I simply go through my handwritten dream haiku notebooks for one that grabs my attention and that’s the one that gets posted on that day. Of course, whatever is going on in my life clearly influences my choice of dream haiku for any particular day’s post. So in that respect these daily dream haiku do act like an on-going dream diary.

If you would like a decent overview of what the haiku form is about click here for “The Isn’ts of Haiku”, or see the sidebar.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 4:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

December 25, 2006

lavender wool
wound around didjeridus
loom of the gods

December 26, 2006

the robot
does the laundry...
I wish!

I have spent the last two days catching up with the laundry, piling up with my son at home and wet, muddy weather. Today I began reading books on the Australian Dreaming for an article: These two together caught my eye with an image of me resting in my reading chair being woven into lavender on the deep sounds of a digeridoo, as, in another part of the house entirely, a robot was very busy :)

Mary Pat

At 7:56 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

I love your image!

I haven't been playing my didjeridus much at all in recent months. Maybe my dream and your response are a nudge to do so. A didj is so healing to play and to hear. :-) My first experience of a didj was having one played over me as I lay on my living room rug. Wow. And all the breathing and vibration (especially in my hands) when I play is so comforting and stirring, at so many levels.

Hope all the laundry is caught up. And since we now have robo-vacuums, can robo-laundry-doers be far behind? My roommate and I laughed ourselves silly last night imagining a robo-combo that did not only our carpets, but cut our toe nails! (Long story....) LOL!


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