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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Speculative Haiku
by Deborah P. Kolodji
with sumi-e illustrations by Malcolm Deeley
ISBN 0-9776665-9-X
A Gromagon Press Book
P.O. Box 1717
Clearwater, Florida 33757

This collection of speculative haiku is like a fine diamond dust, highlighted by an occasional sumi-e gem. The first section of "Red Planet Dust" starts out in a delightful and intriguing tour of far distant time and space, then brings us home -- or is it home?

spent lilacs
the time warp
in her garden

Debbie's fine haiku sensibility is evident throughout, as in this one below, my favorite in the collection. It has a wonderful sumi-e illustration, too.

first blooms
being pregnant under
the twin moons

Later, we find ourselves chuckling at an alien with a very human failing -- or is it even a failing in her species?

improving the odds
she tilts her antennae
at the roulette wheel

The collection ends with a delightful poem that had a different intriguing implication each time I read it:

a good night's sleep
the monster in my closet
changes his image

And I look forward to Debbie's imagination, keen observation, and haiku writing skills surprising us with more new and delightful images in future books.

P.S. As I wrote in a previous review of a small press book, not only will buying this book nurture and stimulate your imagination, but it will support one of the small presses where stretching the boundaries of the poetic imagination is welcomed.

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