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Thursday, August 31, 2006


[Painted by Katy Kianush, Copyright © 2003, Art Arena]


August 1, 2006

the pawned figurine
of a woman and kestrel
shelved soul

August 2, 2006

I draw a dragon
snaggle-toothed and floppy-eared
fantastic effort

August 3, 2006

will be your name
last words heard

August 4, 2006

they miss the bomb shard
behind my left ear
hear me out!

August 5, 2006

intuition fails her
at the dark crossroads
will dumb luck suffice

August 6, 2006

dream chagrin
she says they invaded just
to leave me these gifts

August 7, 2006

two fax machines
Captain Kirk uncovers
their duplicity

August 8, 2006

keys in a crowd:
found, then lost, then
found again

August 9, 2006

the magical man
demonstrates his inner skills
invasive show

August 10, 2006

fear bites:
the one who makes her
a vampire will die

August 11, 2006

I finally fly
but get caught up in thorn trees
ouch! ouch-ouch!

August 12, 2006

subway riders
collide with her burden
why don’t they see it?

August 13, 2006

the cat fades away
I beg her to return
hooked on the image

August 14, 2006

sudden awareness
the wound on her leg
is someone else’s

August 15, 2006

she anxiously
skims the baby book
time is not ripe

August 16, 2006

she turns them all
against me
they were never mine

August 17, 2006

the heart of the
paper snowflake is uncut
we’ll write his name there

August 18, 2006

a piece of the old
quilt is missing
it’s in my blood

August 19, 2006

clear plastic dress
blissfully unaware
of her exposure

August 20, 2006

the lava flow
parts around the iris

Though this dream was not overtly about the Temperance card of The Tarot, both lava and irises are on the Rider/Waite/Smith version:
and the dream certainly addressed temperance, in the sense of self-restraint or moderation.

August 21, 2006

even the broken
help hold up the sky
the telamon heals

Telamon: a male support column figure in architecture. I did not know this when I had the dream but I did know about caryatids -- female supporting columns -- and was aware in the dream of the resemblance to them. The dream was also a very Four of Swords scene (Rider/Waite/Smith deck): The telamon was lying in or on a coffin-like stone/concrete box, his arms extended above his head, and he was broken in some way -- a Four of Swords meaning is "healing." Stacked above him, upright, were three more telamons, their arms also above their heads, making the broken one the foundation -- a quality of the number four -- of the support. (Dreamed evening of 8/15/06)

August 22, 2006

the young techie
fixes the audio tape
words put in her mouth

I've been troubled all along in my dream haiku by how wordy they are and jammed with images. That's a hazard for me as in dream work the aim is usually to get down as much detail as possible. Then, when writing the dream haiku, I find myself attached to what may be unnecessary. So, here's an edit I just did of the above dream haiku:

he edits
the audio tape
words put in her mouth

August 23, 2006

summer morning
he was only a dream

August 24, 2006

using Paris Hilton’s
china tea cup

August 25, 2006

estranged friend
she admires his dark

August 26, 2006

riding my footstool
left foot as brake
armchair tourist

August 27, 2006

the new king gives me
a heavy gold chain necklace
new egyptian queen

August 28, 2006

the puzzle she is
neatly fits the empty space
one piece in the Puzzle

August 29, 2006

she stands transparent
in front of herself
living filter

August 30, 2006

a dark shadow
invades the soldier’s skull
the war at home

August 31, 2006

faithless companions
cartoon dogs morph
one into the other

* * *

Resource: TinyWords, a daily haiku, with archives, and you can sign up for the daily email; really nice haiku with some more experimental in form.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 1:27 PM , Blogger laryalee said...

Hi Patricia,
your dream haiku are fascinating!
Some delightfully humorous, and others thought-provoking.
I received your email -- it's nice to meet you!

At 7:19 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Laryalee,

Thanks so much for visiting. And I can't tell you how delighted I am that you caught the humor in some of my dream 'ku. Many folk take this form so seriously they think they're wrong to laugh with one. Though I'm sure some of my experiments with dream 'ku generate laughter I did not intend. LOL!

I look forward to reading more of your 'ku.


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