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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


[photo: Northumberland, England, from]

A regular visitor (what a delightful concept!) to this blog would probably note a lack of work about, ahem, "romance." That's been rather deliberate. Not that I have written a tremendous amount of sensual work but that which I have I've chosen not to post so far. I've never been comfortable publicly expressing feelings and thoughts about this area of human experience. In the years when I was reading my work publicly, I was even more uncomfortable sharing an overtly sensual piece than others.

That said, when I was going through my work recently to choose some to submit for publication I came across the poem below. It received a First Place prize from The Feminist Writers' Guild/ Woman of Promise Contest, many years ago. And, yes, I am a large bodied woman (currently working to lose more weight after having lost 100 pounds over the past few years). Enough said; here's the poem:


Give yourself to a grand sculpting:
my darkling seashore
threatening briefly
to keep your hands' hot shape.

Feed at the great breast of my body:
this surging queendom
whose cold surface lights
now barely survive
in the blue of my eyes.

Be covered and cradled,
shipwrecked and born again,
to land and lie resting
in the salty shadows
of my slowly shifting dunes.

Then close your quieting eyes.

And feel my waves
breaking their habit of cold
against the sky.

* * * *

Resource: Beach Photos at, I'm totalling indulging myself with this link; hope you like beaches, too.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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