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Monday, October 09, 2006

REVIEW OF PAGAN EVERY DAY, by Barbara Ardinger

"Finding the Extraordinary in Our Ordinary Lives"
by Barbara Ardinger
Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC
ISBN-10: 1-57863-332-X

When I sat down today, October 9, to write this review I thought I'd check again to see what Ardinger says about it. Here's only a portion of what she says:

"Rome honored Felicitas, the goddess of good fortune, on October 9. What good fortune have you recently had? What has happened in your life that is felicitous? Make a point to honor Felicitas by celebrating every little good thing you can think of ...."

Well, this book is certainly a not-so-little good thing I celebrate, as I knew it had to be. I've read most of Ardinger's books to date and been edified and entertained by them all. I find Ardinger's books refreshing, too, as they are written with economy and clarity. No fuss, no bother, just the juice.

The above quote is a good example of the kind of information and suggestions you will find in "Pagan Every Day" -- i.e., a book with ideas for a Pagan observance for every day of the year. Some days have ideas for thought or ritual, others tell the stories of ancient and new Deities, some days have both. Ardinger's rituals and Deity stories are a delightful mix of the traditional, and the newly minted -- such as an occasional rib-tickler like Elvis, that on reflection makes archetypal sense. She occasionally asks deep questions in clear, simple ways that we can then readily ponder. Ardinger also offers many suggestions for both inner personal work and that which can connect us to others, our local communities and the world.

The upshot of all this is I was left feeling at the end of the book as if I'd just taken a ride on an extremely intelligent and well-read living spiral, with a cool sense of humor! (BTW, the book has a wonderful list of reading resources and related web sites at the end.)

I looked through the book for other quotes to use in this review but my list quickly got out of hand. There is such a variety of gems to choose from. So I'll just end my review with what a friend and fellow writer said about Ardinger's book:

" exciting pagan panorama. A lot of juicy tidbits, succinctly revealed. I'm having such a good time tonight." [email correspondence, Mary Joneve McCormick]

Yes, have a good time, nay, a great time with this book and then see how you can use some of its many treasures in your daily life.

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