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Sunday, September 24, 2006


[photo by Vera C. Wareham, Web Site: Through My Window]

(On Viewing a Postcard From Ireland)

A blood red door
stands askew in the wall:
a rip in the stone sky
a wound frozen open.

A broom leans against the grey wall,
tilted toward the old black latch:
a forgotten crone who waits,
and as she waits, dreams,
and as she dreams, burns
the skies clean and brings stone
to life with a glance.

The post prior to this one (WHAT WAITS ETERNAL) shares another poem based on the same postcard. The poem above, THE FORGOTTEN CRONE, is actually the one I wrote first. But when I finished it, although I was as content with it as I ever am with my writing, the images on the card still challenged me. So I wrote WHAT WAITS ETERNAL.

At any rate, these two very different poems are reflective of where I was at back then (20 years ago). I had understandings that nourished and supported me (THE FORGOTTEN CRONE), but I was (as I still am) a searcher (WHAT WAITS ETERNAL). That's a convoluted way of saying THE FORGOTTEN CRONE reflects more where I was at and WHAT WAITS ETERNAL where I was exploring.

In THE FORGOTTEN CRONE above I was also consciously attempting to reclaim the powerful and life enhancing associations for the word "crone." I'd been influenced then by both the increasing interest of fellow Pagans in croning rituals -- empowering rites of passage for elder women, and the negative responses non-pagans had and still have to the word/concept of a Crone.

* * * *

Resource: Poets & Writers; many years ago when I was active in the New York City poetry community I had a lot of exposure to the wide variety of workshops and readings this organization funds.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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