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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Though this month of dreams started off with a nightmare – very rare for me – overall it seems to have been fairly positive. I wrote a dream haibun about that nightmare, but it’s not below. I will briefly say that I am very grateful for that nightmare because it made me aware of feelings I was having I didn’t know about, that I really needed to be cognizant of.

You’ll note I’ve been writing more dream tanka, and even mixing dream tanka and dreamku together in a series. I’m liking the tanka form the more I try writing in it and learn about it. For one thing, the tanka form has just enough space for the image lover in me to at least vaguely develop an image, if one suggests itself as I write about a dream. For instance in the dream tanka following, I began to have the feeling of black panthers as I wrote. When I checked in again with my sense/memory of the dream -- the dream was still very "warm" as I was writing in the wee hours, fresh from waking from it -- a panther image seemed entirely consistent with the dream at a feeling level:


The black leather gang
pads up my apartment stairs.
Sleek, like young panthers,
they set my heart to racing
with the thrill of hope’s bright bite.

That last line could very well describe my experience of this month, both waking and dreaming.


May 1, 2008

she undresses
slowly before him
his five o’clock shadow

May 2, 2008

children change the world a rescued easel

May 3, 2008

plush new carpet
the baby flings himself down
and up, down and up

May 4, 2008

he asks if I want
the two full baby bottles
left on the table
I quickly pick one of them
and suck the sweet milk

[dream tanka]

May 5, 2008

we each put our makeup
on the conference table
my ice cream concealer

May 6, 2008

my uncle wears
a long, mostly white coat dress
his proud husband

May 7, 2008

round black and white eyes
mandalas I do over
in vivid colors

May 8, 2008

couples dressed in gold
parade through the grand throne room
new production, same show

May 9, 2008

the new living room
John Lennon centers a large
plastic tube cage

May 10, 2008

(dream tanka)

he won't dance with me
then quickly changes his mind
I like how he feels
as we sway oh-so-slowly,
my perch on his toes no problem

May 11, 2008


my old friend
extorts and controls us
bumbling villain

turbaned clownish folk
scare me a little bit
heros and heroines

May 12, 2008

user beware
the butt wiping machine
attacks on no notice

May 13, 2008

(dream tanka)

Danger looms over
my small house in the dark woods.
I warn the animals
while a bear curls in my tub
to protect me, yet again.

May 14, 2008

the embellished scroll
in a dark wood frame
hung up again

May 15, 2008

tiny pink roses
turn into golden brown earth
my cup spills over

May 16, 2008


non compos mentis
and no resources left
this happened before

voluntary commitment
they want to know if I
ever black out

easier to give in
to the system
I refuse to be drugged

May 17, 2008

I sort and repack
books I’d left in an attic
the oil slick floor

May 18, 2008


dried old leather straps
keep the frame's poles together
I'll repair it all

I'm neither strong
nor a trained mechanic
the supplies arrive

I heft a heavy
extremely long pole then wait
for strollers to pass.
Wielding the white pole end-first
I wince when I hit a tree.

lively old oak
dead branches crackle
as they fall

*Experimental grouping of three dreamku and a dream tanka, about one dream from beginning to end.

May 19, 2008

(dreamku series on one dream)

the large dark bus
driven by Orson Welles
a near miss

stopped on boarding
my $3,000 fare
did not go through

weighed down by baggage
just tell me where to re-send
the money!

May 20, 2008

pool dancing
four large happy women
in bikinis

May 21, 2008

(dream tanka)

Flat nighttime shadows
fill the cold statue garden.
Between two columns
lie photos for a collage
picked only for their feathers.

May 22, 2008


she should always wear
such a rainbow of colors
after hours outfit

His corporate suit
and my tattered green coat clash.
As we walk we share
tales of our recoveries,
little difference beneath.

up escalator
his appreciative hand
along my back's curve

[*Two dreamku with a dream tanka between them; one each from three consecutive dreams of 5/21/08.]

May 23, 2008

the nurses wear
burkah-like nun’s habits
unexpected healing

May 24, 2008


The black leather gang
pads up my apartment stairs.
Sleek, like young panthers,
they set my heart to racing
with the thrill of hope’s bright bite.

May 25, 2008


the unrequested
huge computer download
electronic osmosis

email courtship
the cross-eyed lion creature
sniffs at her butt

[*A dreamku pair from two separate dreams of May 23, 2008.]

May 26, 2008


In the crowded aisle
of the new supermarket
I see hoards of ghosts:
soap opera characters
ensouled by sugary shades.

she won't stop smiling
and clings to her black boxes
food aisle face-off

[*A dream tanka and dreamku on the same dream of 5/24/08. Although I almost always prefer to let these images speak for themselves, this dream pair gave me quite a laugh, even as they told me something important. The laugh? I was just starting the fifth day of a diet when I had this dream. Miss sugar? Not much. NOT!]

May 27, 2008

[a dog quickly digs
narrow paths to the High Road
the best defense]

[dream haiga with Rider/Waite/Smith Moon card, manipulated in Paint]

May 28, 2008


I sneak in to use
my parent's shower
where's the shampoo?

nude and wet
in the courtyard garden
I can't find shampoo

a perky woman offers
to get me what I need
no conditioner

[*These three dreamku cover one dream from 5/16/08.]

May 30, 2008

she fears she can’t dance
her handsome teacher starts
an elegant soft shoe

May 31, 2008

I add a lilac pen
and dark shiny circle
his healing collage

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 3:28 AM , Blogger Mandy said...

I have spent several minutes scrolling through these delightful pieces.

I now need a quiet time to reflect.

love from mandy

At 1:10 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Mandy,

When I first saw your comment I thought it was a belated one to last week's OSI prompt, as I hadn't done my OSI prompt response for this week yet. What a double delight to find it's not to OSI, but to this month's batch of dreamku.

Thanks for wading through them. Hope your "reflections" (a nice reflection you made of last week's OSI prompt :-D) are fruitful.

At 10:49 PM , Blogger R.K.SINGH said...

Hi Roswila: I read each of your haiku composed in May: your dream-ku are genuine, engaging and deep in meaning and suggestion. Keep it up.
I must read your haiku/senryu more often.
I also invite you to read my haiku and other poems on:


At 11:38 AM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi RK Singh,

Thanks for visting and reading all the posts for May. That's quite a lot. :-)

Just want to be sure you realize that these poems are not technically haiku or senryu. They are a new form I've been developing for some time now: dreamku. Dreamku is a form based on haiku for writing about our night dreams.

Again, thanks for stopping by.


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