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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Image: The Justice card in The Circle of Life Tarot

What a month! And I think that this is reflected in the mix of dreamku and dream tanka below. One project: I’ve begun more directly working again at getting into better shape. I’ve been taking long (for me) walks almost every day. My goal is to reach the beach overlook, which is seven blocks down Camino del Pescadero, each way. I know I’ll get a (non dream) haiku out of that street name someday. I “catch” haiku toward the end of almost every walk. :-)

This is my favorite dreamku from this month:

I want more sweet cake
and go into her kitchen
cooked carrots glow

In retrospect, I can see it was what is called a “prodromal” dream – one that tells us something very immediate about our body health/condition – as within another day I had a bout with a very upset digestive system. At the time of the dream I took it as clear support for my desire to eat better, but did not catch the warning that the recent intensified sugar binging really needed to be curbed, or else.

April was also the first full month for DREAMJIN, the Yahoo group I started in March for dreamku. What a delight to be able to share and discuss dreamku (and tanka, and haibun...). For most of the more than two years that I’ve been developing the dreamku form, I’ve been doing it alone. It’s a big and wonderful change. You’ll note below two illustrations I did, one for a dreamku and the other for a tanka. A discussion of mandalas, that came out of a member's dream, led me to experiment with using a dreamku as/in a mandala. I'm going to work further with this, but see my first attempt under April 22 below. The DREAMJIN group is proving to be a great place for us to share these sorts of efforts, too.


April 1, 2008

the young boy leaves me
to hold her hand at roadside
desert sun

April 2, 2008

bamboo fluting
beneath my window
a little night music

April 3, 2008


a sex abuser
watches from the shadows
late night food run

crowded store
I yell as I see a hand
in my purse

my wallet open
but still in my bag
paying the price

April 4, 2008

she seeks models
in our retirement home for ads
I act unconcerned

April 5, 2008

he doesn’t trust me
the only one of their large
highwayman gang

April 6, 2008


vulnerable stranger
she graciously turns down
hiding in garbage

her clothes reveal
she’s not a homeless person
disguise du jour

April 7, 2008

questioning young boy
why do you believe others
but not yourself

April 8, 2008

the cat eats only
the shoots on the newest plant
old growth flourishes

April 9, 2008

all I could not bring
appears in this unknown home
do I still want it

April 10, 2008

her anger I didn’t
wait exactly where I was
much younger woman

April 11, 2008

stopped in my tracks
down the subway stairs
a deep moonlit forest

April 12, 2008

when we return
she can’t find her shoes either

April 13, 2008

dizzying array
windows and picture frames
open out from my walls

April 14, 2008


large silver bangles
on her tight black cowboy suit
dressed to kill

he shuts his eyes
as they make love
there's less of her

April 15, 2008

[I begin to sketch/the landscape for the haiga/from rolling white depths/the elegant arching head/of a young Samurai horse]

April 16, 2008


she belittles my pain
he mashes me under the table
family dinner

they muffle it all
I exaggerate just
to get heard

April 17, 2008


the dark-haired toddler
walks down steep narrow stairs
my concerned delight

airing out
the stairwell's strung with blankets
I'd loaned a sibling

April 18, 2008

nothing’s lost
young artists know how to paint
the ancient myth

April 19, 2008

she lies on top of me
he just touches my shoulder
performance poem

April 20, 2008

class typing the professor stops me

[a one-line dreamku]

April 21, 2008


a tall young waiter
steps from behind the counter
where's the money

fast food nuggets
ten tiny copper dimes
left by a plate

April 22, 2008

[danger lingers/my old friend naps, her head/on my shoulder]

April 23, 2008

(dream tanka)

with boots and coat on
I swim better than ever
in the pool at night
kids jump in right after me
books fill the ladder

April 24, 2008

she leaves my pill bottle open
so they get all wet
denial sickens

April 25, 2008

food store shelves
packed only with soap sculptures
eating a small fruit

April 26, 2008

I want more sweet cake
and go into her kitchen
cooked carrots glow

April 27, 2008

he rings to get in
I don’t want his charity
unhealthy food

April 28, 2008

her Tarot designs
I correct name and placement
of The Fool card

April 29, 2008

her big newborn son
repeats everything I say
my talking scares him

April 30, 2008

the doll baby’s
quite animated but hard
snatched by a dog

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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