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Thursday, July 05, 2007

NO POEMS TODAY, just thoughts....

[A typical beach path on Block Island, Rhode Island]

No poetry today. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my writing files (yes, still working on them, I’ve been writing since I was a teenager and I’m now 63-1/2 ... that means an awful lot of notes, poems and stories, also a lot of garbage...:-D). In my note files I unearthed what I’m sharing below. I’ve come across these thoughts before through the years and always save them thinking that someday I’ll write poems using the images in them. Well, that someday has not come and now that I’m blogging they seem like the right sort of things to share here, just as they are. Unadorned, un-fussed with, as they came out of my pen at the time.

These two notes were written on my first trip to what turned out to be my favorite place on earth, Block Island, Rhode Island, probably in the late 1980's. The first below occurred to me as I was dusting off my feet after a beach hike. I clearly recall stopping the dusting in a spot just like the above photo, digging out pen and notepad from my backpack, and making the note:

...fears, negativities, etc. are like wet sand: they cling only as long as we keep them out of the sun. It is their nature to let go, to fall away, when exposed to the Light.

This next one I wrote sitting on a small beautifully grassy hillside next to a road on that same first trip to Block Island. I’d been having “conversations” with various nature aspects when the grass spoke up:

...."Yes, the water spirits are vain, and the sea and rock spirits harsh and too definite,” opines the waving grass. I ask “And you?” The grass says jokingly “Of course, we are perfect,” then goes on “you like to watch us dance in the sunlight and wind because it is much like the way impulses move along your neural pathways.” The grass continues “You think you initiate action. Not at all. You are like us when the wind blows across and through us – the initial impetus is from somewhere else. We then respond in our unique ways, given our form, our place, our neighbors, our history. But we did not move ourselves. We dance within the power blown to us.” What the grass has taught me today is to know the invisible by how I am moved.

May we all enjoy this dance life moves us to create...and not forget to keep notes! :-)

* * * *

Resource: 2003 photo album of Block Island by miztibosworth, some gorgeous shots of scenes I've actually witnessed myself.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 10:35 AM , Blogger Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Your words are perfect as they came out originally. Your words on fear felt like a poem. Your conversation with the grasses is almost eerie as so much of my writing is prompted by a word or thought by someone else or something I have just caught sight of.

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

Glad you enjoyed these old thoughts of mine, Marcia. The odd thing is they have felt new each time I've stumbled across the notes. :-)

I say someting at the end of my Dreamku Primer about if I believe anything about this life it's that we create our responses to each moment. It hits me now that the "grasses" were saying pretty much the same thing. Living as responding, being open to.... Hm....


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