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Sunday, June 11, 2006


In case you don't know, haiga are haiku on or about accompanying pictures or paintings. is a good site to see some wonderful haiga.

It was such fun learning to use the Paintbox program so that I can put my dream haiku on graphics and create haiga, I thought I'd share my first two attempts. I found these two (creditless) photos below after lengthy internet searches. Once I get my scanner up and have drawn or painted some of my own pictures, any haiga I post here will be totally of my own making.

I may even try to get back my "hand" at calligraphy and put the haiku directly on the pictures I do. It's been a great many years. Though my mind still remembers how the letters are formed with a calligraphy pen, the mind to hand connection is long since gone. It'd take a lot of practice to get it back. Maybe I'll try...if I'm not happy with the type faces and pitches Paintbox affords me.

I've entered the text below the haiga just in case it's not legible. I tried larger type, but it spoiled the visual balance of the haiga, IMHO. Of course, once I'm creating my own pictures for haiga, I will plan for the haiku size and placement.

Both the haiku used on the photos below are dream-based.

[only in dreams/this dirt road passes/that welcoming Inn]

* * * *

[a clear line divides/two lives:/choose]
(This photo is looking south from the northern tip of Block Island, Rhode Island.)

* * * *

Resource: My other passion is The Tarot, and this link, Museo dei Tarochi, is to an Italian site that offers an extremely dream-like right-to-left scroll through very unusual Tarot cards. It takes several minutes for the entire scoll-through, but I found it worth it. It does go by a bit fast to really absorb each image, even for this 30 year veteran of the Tarot. But in that delicate unfolding of image after image, it is much like dreams.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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