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Saturday, June 03, 2006


As it's another really rainy day here in New York City, I was put in mind of the following poem of mine. We had so much rain here last night that thousands and thousands of subway riders got delayed or stranded trying to get home from work last night due to flooding of the underground systems. But this poem is about a successful commute of mine to work by subway not that long ago:

Hyper on a Rainy Day

A toddler girl skips onto the dank
subway train, father in tow.

He stands, back to the door like Atlas
in rain gear, as she wiggles and laughs
holding both his hands.

Smiling gently at his daughter's antics
he softly says "Mommy gave you too much sugar
this morning. You're hyper."

Raising the perfect sun of her face
she replies "What are hyper, Daddy?"

"Like you ... moving, laughing, talking ...
not stopping ... " he replies, laughing, too.

She nods sagely without skipping a beat
in her dance that lights the rain damp car.
Here and there, a passenger's face twinkling
in amusement through the rush hour gloom.

She pauses to kiss first one
of her father's hands, and then the other.
He bends to reciprocate, his dripping
umbrella a pendulum swinging
from the crook of his arm.

Too soon he says "Are you ready to get off?"
then lifts her surely to his heart.
As they exit, she chants over her father's
shoulder "HY-per, HY-per .... kiss, kiss!"

The door closes behind his broad back.

The sun winks out.

* * * *

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