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Monday, August 31, 2009


Overall I’d say this sample dreamku series below covers the month and many other months; but especially this one. I’ve been getting more depressed than I have been in well over 20 years and feel my ability to understand myself or anyone else is incredibly limited at present:


none of us speaks
the others’ language
dance on the green

a woman carries
a weighty soft round purse
we dance together

she speaks
a wee bit of English
cautious connection

However, I really like the positive hint in that last line.

As I mention in a previous post the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is now being celebrated and my hope is that His kind and lovingly powerful presence is a positive influence in all our lives.


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August 1, 2009


the crowd waits for
the lunch he promised us
obese philanthropist

clairvoyance shows me
he’s recovering in bed
belly liposuction

word comes to order
pizzas and charge them to him
relief and concern

I “see” him again
hefting his empty belly folds
pain and annoyance

[dreamku series on a dream of 7-31-09; Image by Roswila]

August 2, 2009


there’s been
a huge change at the top
what card reveals this?

“The Wheel of Fortune”
at least we agree
on this

he proclaims Set
as the ruling deity
I prefer Jupiter

lengthy discourse
I want joviality but
there’s no switch in ruler

there’s been
a huge change at the top
no denying it

* NOTE: Set is the Egyptian jackal-headed god of desert, storms, dark, and necessary chaos. Jupiter (Jove) is the Roman god of sky and thunder, and rules over law and social order. I have personal associations to Set of intellect and arrogance, and to Jupiter of merriment and over-indulgence. FYI, Jupiter the planet, is usually said to “rule” The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot, which card can represent big changes.

[dreamku series on a dream of 7-31-09; Image “The Wheel of Fortune” in The Found Tarot being designed by Roswila]

August 3, 2009


none of us speaks
the others’ language
dance on the green

a woman carries
a weighty soft round purse
we dance together

she speaks
a wee bit of English
cautious connection

[dreamku series on a dream of 8-1-09; Image by Roswila]

August 4, 2009

my friend of years past
says we must leave right away
I take my time

[dreamku on an old dream of 4/25/08 with some current relevance; Image by Roswila]

August 5, 2009

three new born babies
dreams, hope, and enlightenment
heavy weights

[dreamku on a dream of 8/3/09; Image by Roswila]

August 6, 2009

I comment only
on her obvious success
ten foot pole

[dreamku on an old dream/ku with current relevance, from 12-07-07; Image by Roswila]

August 7, 2009

am I wanted
I horn into the car’s
black leather front seat

[dreamku on an old dream of 12-6-07 with current relevance; Image by Roswila]

August 8, 2009

a stretch to grasp
the long thick web-like strands
stick to my hands

[dreamku on a dream of 8-7-09; Image: "Shadow Screen Play" by Roswila]

August 9, 2009


the older woman
lies on the hood of his car
healing relative

reaching out from below
the windscreen I touch her
“how are you doing”

she answers “quite well
and so’s my distant cousin”
we drive on relieved

[dreamku on a dream of 8-7-09; Image: "After Salvador Dali" by Roswila]

August 10, 2009


he uses his psychic
powers to seduce her
she catches on

he needn't have
she embraces him boldly
and nibbles his neck

[dreamku on a dream of 8-3-09; Image by Roswila]

August 11, 2009


the baby sitter
leaves me carrying her charge
swaddled woman

where do you live
I’ll cab you there I say
bribe for honesty

she lives on Ocean
at Channel Thirteen he says
she nods agreement

we three reminisce
on the starlit street corner
strange trio

[dreamku on a dream of 8-10-09; Image by Roswila]

August 12, 2009


round table dinner
I cannot bear the noise
and confusion

in my rush to leave
I desert all my stuff
she follows with hers

shoe box of trinkets
she tries to charm me to stay
with a display

blue iridescent beads
catch the artificial light
I won’t change my mind

[dreamku on a dream of 8-11-09; Image by Roswila]

August 13, 2009


waking up I can’t see
even as my eyes adjust
stumbling through the dark
toward my usual snack
I hear breathing to my left

hunger and fear
mix in my stomach as I
flinch away quickly
I’m handed two pizza slices
but can’t see from whom

a fleeting light touch
from my deceased stepmother
welcome visit

my breath held along
with the small pizza slices
silence and I’m alone
with enough sight now to see
that I need just what I have

[three dream tanka and one dreamku on a dream of 8-12-09; Image: "Remembering Pizza" by Roswila]

August 14, 2009

what's the stink
rotten food in the fridge
or is it me

[dreamku on a dream of 8-10-09; Image by Roswila]

August 15, 2009

opening each of
the letters from charities
asking for my money
out fall gold spoons and dimes
I hoard them all

[dream tanka on a dream of 8-14-09; Image: "The Accidental Pointillist" by Roswila]

August 16, 2009


open hotel suite
James Bond dislikes me
because of my weight

I shrug it off
his shallowness hurts
only him

[dreamku pair on a dream of 7-25-09; Image by Roswila]

August 17, 2009


my deceased friend
is slim and dressed to the nines
aqua platform shoes

she shows me that
the shoes are cushioned inside
my surprise

she gladly hurries
to get advice from a new friend
I deny this matters

[dreamku series on a dream of 8-14-09; Image by Roswila]

August 18, 2009


the handsome racist
squeezes out the train window
panoramic butt

two men remain
one apparently forthright
the other a masher

speeding train a bullet through the night

[dreamku series (last one a monoku) on a dream of 8/17/09; Image by Roswila]

August 19, 2009

street life
she hauls a huge mattress
from the garbage truck

[dreamku on an old dream of 2-26-08, with some current relevance emotionally; Image by Roswila]

August 20, 2009


Dad’s in a group
forming the cast for a show
theatre in the round

the program cites
Logos, a play to be read
will there be singing

I wistfully wish
to duet with my father
childhood tradition

Dad starts reciting
his lines from the play Logos
the cast wears togas

cast and audience mingle dramatic reading

[dreamku series (the last a monoku) on a dream of 8/19/09; Image: "Garden Stew" by Roswila]

August 21, 2009

my handicapped friend
blocks traffic to bust chops
wicked sense of humor

[dreamku on a dream of 8/20/09; Image by Roswila]

August 22, 2009


"I love you" he wrote
"Don’t leave me this way" he wrote
why should I believe him

"He’s no better
than I am" he wrote
how can he know

my new guy says
"Sex? or am I going to sleep?"
I kiss his belly

is he no real change
from my old lover
I’ll soon find out

[dreamku series on a dream of 8-21-09; Image by Roswila]

August 23, 2009

the infant sticks his
pudgy fingers in my mouth
giggles all around

[dreamku on a dream of 8-22-09; Image by Roswila]

August 24, 2009

we escape from
the gladiator arena
he jumps for joy

[dreamku on an old dream of 10-31-08 with current relevance; Image: "Making Good the Escape" by Roswila]

August 25, 2009

around her full lips
the silver dust of
sexual hunger

he blows it off stone wall

[dreamku and monoku on a dream of 8-24-09; Image by Roswila]

August 26, 2009


dark haired and slim
I approach the microphone
open air theatre

singing in a deep
throaty voice as I’d rehearsed
50's torch song

“It’s the wrong time
and the wrong place, though your face
is charming it’s the wrong face.
It’s not his face but such a
charming face....”

relieved of high notes,
the low notes silky and warm
“....that it’s all right with me”

[dreamku series with song lyrics by Cole Porter, from a dream of 8/24/09 (I was “actually” singing as described in the above); Image by Roswila]

August 27, 2009


the floor’s fallen
further away from the baseboard
bathroom gap

something’s in there
is it a rat skittering
into the shadows

I yell for help
it’s an aqua mole-like blob
with a dark nose

get rid of it
I cannot bear the thought
of squashing it

spraying and spraying
with insecticide
all I can think of

wet aqua fur
weighs it down
is it inhaling

then I see it’s fluffy dry and spry odd relief

[dreamku series, ending with a monoku, on a dream of 8-26-09; Image by Roswila]

August 28, 2009

why've I not noticed
her gorgeous dark eyes before
difficult friend

[dreamku on a dream of 8-10-09; Image by Roswila]

August 29, 2009

he tells me twice the
seed ball isn’t ripe enough
I pluck it anyway

regret sets in
how can I hide
the wilting evidence

[dreamku pair on a dream of 8-28-09; Image by Roswila]

August 30, 2009

improv workshop
I gambol passingly well
as a young Great Dane

[dreamku on a dream of 8-28-09; entering this 'ku I made the typo "improve" instead of "improv" in the first line and that opened the whole dream for me; Image: "Which Way Did You Say?" by Roswila]

August 31, 2009


we’re way too tired
he says we can catch the train
tomorrow night

I’m relieved enough
to give in to an embrace
he angles for sex

my body responds thought rescues my celibate resolve

[dreamku series (the last a monoku) on a dream of 8/19/09; Image by Roswila]

* * * * * * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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