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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Two of Disks, Mary El Tarot


Like an old oak I wait, always
wait, as growth stirs raked
by heavy air, and rock traps roots.

Can leaves duck the brutal
wind? Can roots lift
themselves like feet?

Or is this green dance, minute
and slow the only one
there is?

(Watch ... wait ... it splits
rock ... devours wind ...)

* * * *

This is another very old poem, written in 1989, revised in 2002, and revised a wee bit for this posting. I don't think it says anything in a particularly fresh way, however it does express how I've been feeling. And I've really needed the reminder at the end, so I'm posting it anyway. :-) For any Tarot folk reading this, I could have used the Rider/Waite/Smith deck's Seven of Pentacles to illustrate this poem, as well. At least as far as one of the meanings I see in it: You or your project are not a failure, things are just changing/growing out of sight and/or very slowly.

* * * *

Resource: The Joy of Shards: The Tarot Garden, garden mosaics of various Tarot cards.

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