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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


by L. Leslie Brooke,
for Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The dreams I chose to post this month seem to have more than the usual helping of fairy tale and myth-like themes. Maybe it being the month ending in Halloween/Samhain has something to do with that. Ancient energies and images being stirred in the cauldron of seasonal change.

October 1, 2006

spell bound:
a large gold serpent of light
spirals at the center

October 2, 2006

the intruder
hands me a razor blade –
tangled in bed clothes

October 3, 2006

we save the war child
in a flying wedge
fleeting community

October 4, 2006

the risky deep dive
is quicker than before
group effort

October 5, 2006

she returns
he forces her to the floor
at knife point again

October 6, 2006

the kitten paws at
the curve of the light bowl
no way in

October 7, 2006

the needy woman
cuts our connection
it’s her right

October 8, 2006

her son is gone
she, a shadow
among the boulders

October 9, 2006

sunlit room
the paintings honor the trees’
struggle and grace

October 10, 2006

she assumes
I’m the descendant of slaves –
how can I escape?

October 11, 2006

she hugs the grinning
dark-haired man
sweet tooth

October 13, 2006

a storm flattens
a grove of slender trees
ancient oaks stand

October 14, 2006

my dead mother
questions me
hot under the collar

October 15, 2006

he walks on water
in his special boots
tiding me over

October 16, 2006

he nick-names me
Ponderosa Pat
I wake up laughing

October 17, 2006

they chop down
the oracular tree –
it’s not the true one

October 18, 2006

the oracular tree stands
in a wide stream

October 19, 2006

she shields the young man from
the sinister one

October 20, 2006

she loans them
the ancient book of symbols
new hierophant

October 21, 2006

after the piper
an iron fence between
the lawn and beach

October 22, 2006

dirty laundry pile
there’s a problem
with perspective

October 23, 2006

she’s asleep
in my bed
I can’t bear it!

[This dream haiku precipitated an internet search into various versions and interpretations of the fairy tale "Goldilocks and The Three Bears. :-D]

October 24, 2006

she sits on
the helium balloon
riding high

October 25, 2006

destroy or decode
the puzzle box is in
my lap

October 26, 2006

a collage named
“Ciudad de mis Madres”
many women's long legs

October 27, 2006

a sudden gust:
ah, last night’s dream
of a wind break

October 28, 2006

...........................write haiku

[How I want this 'ku to appear is a bit beyond my blogging/coding skills. It needs to be in a crescent; that's why the dots -- to make the words approximate that shape.]

October 29, 2006

the walk home
four cups of hot tea
in each sneaker

October 30, 2006

a dark cloud erupts
the Knight of Gnomes
flings a brick

October 31, 2006

dark stirrings
the future brews
in the cauldron

* * * *

These dream haiku were rarely written or dreamed on the dates on which they were posted; many are even years old. I simply go through my handwritten dream haiku notebooks for one that grabs my attention and that’s the one that gets posted on that day. Of course, whatever is going on in my life clearly influences my choice of dream haiku for any particular day’s post. So in that respect these daily dream haiku do act like an on-going dream diary.

If you would like a decent overview of what the haiku form is about click here for “The Isn’ts of Haiku”, or see the sidebar.

Resource: Interactive Poetry Pages, where you can participate in creating poems with others, including haiku.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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