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Thursday, April 28, 2016

FROM EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY (photomorph) & MEN! (on two dreams) by Roswila


the male of the species can't even stay
consistent! all day she'd been complaining
in her mind "Men!" filling that one word
with her frustration and irritation
like a huge water balloon and mentally
tossing it at any one of the several
male objects of her pique

yet in the night's dreams they're open
and easy to be with, clearly expressing
what they want from or to give to her,
stepping up to the plate of any
interaction with her

the first a group of artists, male war vets
whose wood working, nay, sculpting, appears
in an exhibit that, to use the clichè,
blows her mind it's so beautiful

especially the work of one soft spoken
vet, a golden brown wood container,
about the size of a bread box (remember those?),
not one nail used, all seams held together by
and part of the design itself, corners
and sides lightly curved inviting touch

then there's that younger man who reminds
her gently of what she'd forgotten to do,
his mouth tilted in the corners in what
she senses is an always genuine smile, and adds
that his wife reminds him of those things
he doesn't tend to remember or even notice

the trick being not to get hung up
on the disconnects or apparent forgetfulness
between them but to rely on each other
for any necessary reminders

well, the dreams told her, didn't they?
talk about necessary reminders ...
but she can't help releasing
one last frustrated "Men!"

[on two dreams of 4-27-16. I woke up singing part of that song "I Hate Men" from Kiss Me Kate. Especially the line: "He may have hair upon his chest but, sister, so does Lassie." LOL! Photomorph "From Each According to Their Ability" (4-15-14 037v6) by Roswila]

PLEASE NOTE: in most browsers you can click on the above image for a larger version. Also, the photo accompanying a post is not necessarily meant to illustrate it, but to reflect some small, even slant aspect of the verse, similar to Japanese haiga (illustrated haiku).

There are many other sorts of posts on this blog. I indicate which are about or influenced by dreams. Some non dream focused posts are book reviews, "regular" poems (some by other writers, as the above is), scifaiku, writing exercises, Tarot haiku, photos, haiga, and so on. However, most of those are in much older posts. There's a listing by month going back to early 2006, at the end of the sidebar.

* * * *
until next time, keep dreaming,

[a/k/a Patricia Kelly]
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