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Saturday, November 07, 2009


... And another very hard month, but now at least I feel it’s all headed somewhere. I’m managing to effectively decompress my life (i.e. taking on fewer projects over all) and managing relationships better (saying "no" when I need to, e.g.).

Did I just say I’m taking on fewer projects? That’s true. However, I’ve taken on one really big one: producing – from soup to nuts – an anthology of poetry by residents in the senior community I live in. And why? Because I let my enthusiasm run over my memory of how complicated and time consuming it is to do something like this. But seriously, it is a wonderful project and the smiles on fellow residents’ faces when they think of seeing their work in print -- some for the first time -- is heartwarming.

On to dreamku – this one from October 4 talks to my constant struggle these days which is to deal with babyish intense emotions:

she speaks and walks
like a full grown person
big blonde baby

And these two from October 8 (a dream monoku) and October 17 (a dreamku pair) respectively, I like for their soft moods:

shadows dapple the baby elephant waits and watches

* * * * * * * *


two dark leaved trees
grow bent in the constant wind
circular driveway

echoing curve
the larger tree’s branches
partly shield the smaller

Hope you’re having a lovely fall season and that your Thanksgiving is filled with things to be grateful for.


[PLEASE NOTE that in most browsers you can click on the image for a larger version.]

October 1, 2009

my daughters are dead
it's all I recall of the dream
doubled grief

[dreamku on a dream of 9-30-09. Image by Roswila]

October 2, 2009


back from a space trip
I have faith my suit seal held
stripped bare

one of my space boots
starts wiggling on its own

so I did not
get away scot free
I hit the boot

again and again
I squash the boot, desperate
to kill the worm
the one small worm that could start
an incurable plague

at last I succeed
the worm is dead but I’ve
been exposed

testing room
I await the verdict
on my condition

Barack Obama
happily welcomes me back
to planet Earth
unaware I’ve been exposed --
I yell at him to back off

how could I bear
such a horrible guilt:
to kill our president

[dreamku series including one dream tanka on a dream of 9-30-09. Image by Roswila]

October 3, 2009


musical audition
am I hired only
as the token senior

the young cast is huge –
with another elder on board
I feel even less needed

she stammers as she
introduces herself to me
fellow horse lover

how do we fit in
what do they want from us
hippie throwback show

[dream series on a dream of 9-30-09. Image: "Where's Juliet?" (taken in Solvang, CA) by Roswila]

October 4, 2009

she speaks and walks
like a full grown person
big blonde baby

[dreamku on a dream of 9/30/09; Image: "Conception," by Roswila]

October 5, 2009


my camera angle’s
wrong to capture the full moon
moving target

I hurry sideways
but the moon’s faster
empty night sky

[dreamku pair on a dream of 9-29-09; Image by Roswila]

October 6, 2009


movie or real life
a night time ride down Broadway
well known lights and bill boards
it’s not The Great White Way I miss
but the familiarity

[dream tanka on a dream of 10-05-09; Image by Roswila]

October 7, 2009


elevated train
barely hiding hostility
she rubs her left foot

blood seeps through her sock
I timorously point out
that she’s injured

her cutting response
did she even understand
my attempt to care

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-5-09; Image by Roswila]

October 8, 2009

shadows dapple the baby elephant waits and watches

[dream monoku posted by me in a comment, May 2009. Image by Roswila]

October 9, 2009


Obama runs from
the Presidency for a day
he entices me

he’s also quite
openly flirting with me
two hugs in a row

how do I feel
about this married man
I switch the focus

down escalator
government staff must be
in a panic, I say

as when JFK’s
helicopter crashed, recall?
only you’re not dead

we continue the brief freedom run rebel friends

[dreamku series topped by a dream monoku on a dream of 10-8-09; Image by Roswila]

October 10, 2009

The Magician card,
The Wheel, and The Hanged Man
lie in a straight row
I say: manifesting change
and then surrendering

[dream tanka on a dream of 10/12/08; previously posted to Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal, posting here today as I feel I'm really stuck on that "surrender" part; Image: "The Wheel of Fortune" in my Found Tarot deck, by Roswila]

October 11, 2009

"....and he sips gladly
from her well-worn walking shoe"
country song refrain

[dreamku on a dream of 10-06-09; Image: "Footsies, too," by Roswila]

October 12, 2009


over-ripe full-size
apples fill the tiny tree
browning bruised skins

I peel the outer
layer off each yellow apple
golden skin beneath

Adam says I shouldn’t
have cleaned up the apples
they were fine as is

how can that be?
I deny I did all the peeling
and bite into one

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-11-09; Image by Roswila]

October 13, 2009


it takes three attempts
to get her to talk to me
beautiful blonde teen

she’s extremely bright
and attends ballet classes
child of privilege

are her parents
firm enough to guide her
a clear concern

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-12-09; Image by Roswila]

October 14, 2009


T.V. bowling
he rolls the small metal ball
toward the screen

it rolls back into
a magnetic cup on the floor

[dreamku pair on a dream of 10-12-09; Image by Roswila]

October 15, 2009


an odd gathering
I’m trying to comb my long hair
at a big dresser

people want to eat
at the dresser like a table
my frustration

[dreamku pair on a dream of 10-12-09; Image by Roswila]

October 16, 2009


on the carpeted
floor a small dark object
I pick it up

it’s a toy
hinged cats of many shapes and
sizes morph in my palm

I finally fold it
all back up and close my hand
I wish for horses

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-14-09; Image by Roswila, taken in Lompoc, CA, a city known for it's murals]

October 17, 2009


two dark leaved trees
grow bent in the constant wind
circular driveway

echoing curve
the larger tree’s branches
partly shield the smaller

[dreamku pair on a dream of 10-16-09; Image by Roswila]

October 18, 2009


the crowd starts up
the steep narrow boat stairs
new level

from above, the warning:
a huge dark sea monster’s
coming down the steps

we all turn around
squeezing back down the stairs
windows line the deck

fearing there’s no time
to get to the deck below
a man and I try
to break window after window
in order to jump ship

the windows won’t break
but simply reverb a bit
wasted effort

he finally knocks a
huge door-size window open
the way out

[dreamku series and a dream tanka on a dream of 10-17-09; Image by Roswila]

October 19, 2009


he’s much darker
and quite handsome in old photos
sharing memories

the story for one:
he and three others were trapped
in a huge cave-in
he was the only one to
climb out on his own once freed

the others were strapped
each to a strong rescuer
hauled up in pairs

before cave-in photo:
hieroglyphs line the walls
uncracked and unread

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-15-09; Image by Roswila]

October 20, 2009


end of the affair
they keep holding on
to each other

any excuse to touch
she points to the crocheted hats
she’s giving away

none can ever know
they were secret lovers
how will she let go

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-18-09; Image by Roswila]

October 21, 2009


we all disagree
as to what the story is
Super- or Spider-man
but it’s clear to us a hero
is actually needed

I’m a youthful man
with a young male sidekick
we attempt rescue

the anxious woman
held captive is our friend
we get caught, too

our friend sees us
in her captors’ station wagon
she assumes betrayal

we struggle free
in spite of pregnancies
forced on us by
our captors, and rush to our
dear friend’s rescue at last

I ultimately
decide to keep the embryo
it feels like mine now

a good time to grow Harvest Moon

[dreamku series with two dream tanka and a capping dream monoku, on a dream of 10-14-09; Image: "Jail Break" by Roswila]

October 22, 2009


a man is strapped to
a dark leather stretching board
in-house prisoner

friendship bonds
two male cohorts and I free
him from this torture

we all scurry to vamoose absent captors

where are my glasses
I cannot leave without them
our jailors return

my friends have escaped
I retrieve my eyeglasses
but it’s too late

one white-haired captor
says to a youthful buddy
“Sex with her
would be fun for me to watch,
why not have at her right now”

oh so carefully
I succeed in telling them off
intact dignity

[dreamku series with a dream monoku and dream tanka on a dream of 10-21-09; Image by Roswila]

October 23, 2009


he whispers so
he can move in closer
I like him near

his breath tickles my temple music is his offering

[dreamku and monoku on a dream of 10-16-09; Image by Roswila]

October 24, 2009


she’s infantalized her son fearful mother

her clinging stunts him
he walks with great difficulty
toddler-sized teen

she won’t release him
he limps to the sea’s edge
straining at the bond:

why won’t you let me go circling seagulls

[dreamku pair opened and capped by a dream monoku on a dream of 10-23-09. Image by Roswila.

October 25, 2009


long dusty walk to
the center of the city
college night class

I seek a ride home
aching feet and heart

[dreamku pair on a dream of 10-20-09; Image by Roswila -- and, yes, that's a reflection of me in the picture; first time I'd set myself down for a while, I'd been snapping pictures of the murals in Lompoc, CA; guess my brain got tired, too.]

October 26, 2009

photography shoot
hugely pregnant women circle
what's the best angle

[dreamku on a dream of 10-16-09; Image by Roswila]

October 27, 2009


he makes love to me
in an open dark alley
who’s observing

I go to stay at
the homeless camp where he lives
coupons for food

does he ignore
or simply not notice me
hunger trumps my hurt

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-20-09; Image by Roswila]

October 28, 2009


“Move to Florida?
That far South!? It’s a mistake.
They’ll die of boredom”

I’m not so sure
maybe they’ll have nice neighbors
and their dog, run space

they disagree Know-It-Alls-United

[two dreamku and a dream monoku on a dream of 9-9-09. Image by Roswila]

October 29, 2009


the woman owner
is on full-time dialysis
basement dairy farm

a man on part-time
dialysis helps run the farm
he’s the key

another woman
helps him manage the business
her tidy profit

[dreamku series on a dream of 10-28-09. Image: Mural in Art Alley, Lompoc, CA, by Roswila]

October 30, 2009


I drum on the steps
hoping to be invited in
conference center
will they take me at all
seriously as a drummer

a handsome young man
sits just inside the doorway
he’s punk glam and dark

this drummer in a
band and I start competing
joy and doubt mingle

I drum above his
flash and dash using reverb
from a hollow step
a male celebrity arrives
followed by his entourage

another male star
modestly helps visitors
why does he work here

[two dream tanka and three dreamku on a dream of 10-28-09; Image by Roswila.

October 31, 2009

meeting the cast
my uncle has played the villain
for fifteen years

[old dreamku on a dream of 5/21/08. Image by Roswila.]

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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