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Monday, July 31, 2006


[Haiku #121 from Haiku Series by Joan-of-Arts; "An on-going series of collages using fabric, paper and metal leafing." Be sure to vist the rest of her gallery, as well.]

There is a long-standing and still common belief that a “real” haiku should have little emotion to ruffle the still reflective pond of a moment; that haiku should be totally “Zen.” There’s also a long-standing and common belief that a haiku should offer a profound resonance of some sort (frequently spiritual), leading to that famous “Ah HAH!” moment on part of the reader.

I’ll address the above points in greater detail in a future post. But for now I’ll simply add that these effects are certainly, IMHO, welcome in haiku or in any poetry. However, they are not necessarily “native” to haiku – i.e., prescribed to by all the classical Japanese haikuists – or the only emotional tones which haiku can or should carry.

More and more, I believe haiku can and do share part of any moment of life, not just those profoundly deep, still, or reflective ones. Therefore, I encourage you, dear reader, to enjoy my dream haiku. Laugh, be saddened, get angry, be moved or be puzzled by them to your heart’s content. Let that reflective pond of the moment be stirred or ruffled or enjoy its stillness, or find profound meaning or a silly joke or an intriguing picture, but I do hope you will find something here worth the reading.


July 1, 2006

the flowery scarf
frames her long face
she neighs softly

July 2, 2006

wake up call
he stops at the entrance
again and again

July 3, 2006

hands on –
the remote control
will not work

July 4, 2006

she falls through the tree branches
knocking guns down

July 5, 2006

sweet secret
my young lover
avoids my gaze

July 6, 2006

the crow’s screech
trails into morning –
thunder crash

July 7, 2006

dream shard
children dig for
what’s been buried

July 8, 2006

the swordfish
cuts off my head

[Based on one of two childhood nightmares I remember.]

July 9, 2006

she reads minds
so knows of our deceit

July 10, 2006

I see the wounds
on her bare back
my own ache

July 11, 2006

he’s not concerned
he’ll just catch a later train
waiting for Godot

July 12, 2006

he’s not my father!
I grind the mirror
to dust

July 13, 2006

old photos peel
off the light blue walls
a fresh start

July 14, 2006

a movie starlet
lectures the old woman
amused silence

July 15, 2006

she strikes a balance
in the tracks of others
a narrow path

July 16, 2006

old workplaces
empty even of sorrow
the past laid to rest

July 17, 2006

she claims no man
has taken her for a ride
my eyes betray me

July 18, 2006

she hooks up as
the butt end of a centaur
ancient masquerade

July 19, 2006

colorful globes
light the spreading candelabra
tree of life

[Based on a 20 year old dream, when I was first reading about The Tree of Life in the Qabala and how the Tarot has been related to it. It was only on waking that I saw the resemblance of the globes to the Sephira and the candelabra to the Tree of Life.]

July 20, 2006

a naked woman
curled on the dinner table
chewed out

July 21, 2006

leap of faith
to join fellow travelers:
midnight express

July 22, 2006

a light at the top
of the vertical gutter
keeping things clear

July 23, 2006

curtains create
private spaces down the hall
a wind comes up

July 24, 2006

tether broken
he floats away in space
the mothership fades

July 25, 2006

there are none so blind...
the pattern on her skirt
is a language

July 26, 2006

summer rain
dreams of writing haiku
about death

July 27, 2006

close to home
my cowardly lion

July 28, 2006

the steamy mirror
we pick up our argument
from the dream

July 29, 2006

at war inside the church
I burn between

July 30, 2006

the gods’ shoemaker
creates great sandals
shod for the trek

July 31, 2006

pregnant again
what will be born
this time

* * * *

Resource: Marlene Mountain's site; amazing one-line haikus, essays, art work, etc.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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At 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

dream shard
children dig for
what’s been buried

I love that opening phrase. A fragment of imagination; a piece of the truth; one part of the All.

But 'shard' is such a strong word compared to these.

Of course, so often the archaeologist digs, and only finds shards of pottery. But that mundane aspect to this poem doesn't change the vividness of this image and all that it conjures in the reader's thoughts.

Lovely ku.


At 4:35 PM , Anonymous Charline Wareham said...


dream shard
children dig for
what’s been buried

At 1:39 AM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Charline,

Ah, I'm glad you are "feeling" my dream haiku. I certainly accept that they are rather, shall I say, "different animals" as haiku go.

The one you like is a really old one of mine and I confess to a particular fondness for it myself. Especially as I think I may have "gotten away" (LOL) with an implied metaphor (something not done in haiku all that much, as you probably know). :-)

At 1:45 AM , Blogger Roswila said...

Hi Oino,

Hm, intriguing. I was thinking of shard as some fragile little fragment. This is an old dream 'ku, BTW. The initial draft (which was posted to the email group) was:

children dig for
what's been buried
dream fragment

As you may note in my answer to Charline about this 'ku, I feel sort of "clever" for "sneaking" in an implied metaphor in the new version. LOL!

Thanks for visiting.


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