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Monday, July 24, 2006


Back in 1986 when I wrote the below little piece it was one of several that were just simple descriptions. (See the May 12, 2006 post here called "Several of My Heretic Poems," piece titled "An Open and Shut Case," for another example of this type of writing I was experimenting with.)

Another input to the piece was a series of fairy dreams I'd had. None were like the fairy in this piece, though. In fact, once I had determined the idea of emotional expression and decided it would have a fairy-like character, I deliberately went for bold action. My dream fairy -- a soul symbol, I realized -- was rather wounded. And I wanted to experiment, if only in fantasy, with less deep and agonizing ways of relating to things than my dream fairy went through. Even as I took the dream images seriously.

The last influence on this piece -- what a lot of input for a small piece -- was the Flower Fairies artwork of Cicely Mary Barker (the fairy above is one of hers). I'd just discovered her work and found it delightful. I still have a couple of her fairy pictures up in my home.


She had always been fascinated by what scintillates there, at the surface of things. She flitted through life like a fairy, gathering aspects of mind as they reflected or refracted and gave them each names. This ruby she rolled fondly around in her pocket she called "Rage." It was her most recent acquisition. She had found it blooming gloriously on the face of a friend. And she had swiped it openly, lifting it surely from him as one might pluck a ripe apple. Then she had frolicked away, gleefully ignoring the pink surprise spurting where rage had once grown.

* * * *

Resource: ArtMagick "is a virtual gallery dedicated to the continual quest of seeking out obscure 19th century artists and long-forgotten paintings showing a 'magic world of romance and pictured poetry.' The majority of the content in the archive covers the Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist movements."

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