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Saturday, July 29, 2006


[New York City skyline photo:]

"Urban haiku” is how a friend of mine refers to haiku written about city scenes. I think that makes a nice distinction between these haiku and the more commonly known nature-themed haiku. See the post here "Urban Haiku," dated May 30, 2006 for more of my urban haiku.

The below were written as long ago as 1999 and as recently as this month, most in the past eight months or so.

we push our carts
on the shady side
the temperature soars


hot laundromat
she speaks Korean
I use hand gestures


a neighbor hoses
her terrace:
garbage cans drum


outgrowing my home
the dracena I raised
from a sprout


office tree
leans to the light


train delay, but oh,
the ice revealing
every tree branch


subway serenade:
in his shiny guitar
my tired face


leaf litter swirls
workers hurry


end of the line
subway graffiti
softened by fog


after her death
cleaning my roomate's closet
little by little


houseplants reflected
in the silver gazing ball
winter rain


Two One-Liners:
[A form being used more these days. It echos, to me, the one line form of Japanese haiku in calligraphy -- except that is a vertical line.]

Nor'easter -- bowling on the roof


a lengthy pause -- still I flinch at the thunder

* * * *

Resource: Simply Haiku, an e-journal for haiku and related forms.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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