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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

COMPLEXITY (photo) & THE SHADOWY MAN (dream narrative) by Roswila


a tall dark shadowy man's been indicted
and now they're all after him, chasing him
through the endlessly intricate
and confusing hallways of his air ship,
frustrated as they can't put one hand
on him much less catch him

when his air ship suddenly begins
a crash and burn spin, the shadowy man
releases a big plastic square out of thin air,
that immediately inflates into
a humongous pale life raft

the chase is clearly off as his pursuers
must not only all get in it with him,
but he's the only one who knows how
to operate the gearshift-like handle
to operate it

once all are aboard he releases a second
smaller plastic cube out of nowhere,
that instantly inflates into a soft
couch for him to lie back on

then to their utter astonishment, as he
flops down into his couch's puffy
embrace, apparently preparing for a long
rocky ride before they're rescued, he releases
yet a third small cube with just a gesture

this one inflates into another couch
for his gaggle of pursuers, and as they
settle into it, one deflated chaser looks
pointedly at another, both dumfounded
and relieved, whispering:

"It seems failing to get a grip on this shadow
has turned out to be a life saver"

[narrative on a dream of 9-20-16. I relate to "shadow" in a Jungian psychology sense, aspects of ourselves we repress because they're unacceptable to us and/or to others. Sometimes good stuff winds up in that crowded, unconscious dumping ground, too. In any case, shadow contents do need to become known and embraced. At least that's been my (sigh...) ongoing experience. The song that I kept singing snatches of during this dream was "Looking for a Soft Place to Fall" (link is to a music video of the song) from the movie "The Horse Whisperer." Photo "Complexity" (9-15-16 004v2) by Roswila]

PLEASE NOTE: in most browsers you can click on the above image for a larger version. Also, the photo accompanying a post is not necessarily meant to illustrate it, but to reflect some small, even slant aspect of the verse, similar to Japanese haiga (illustrated haiku).

There are many other sorts of posts on this blog. I indicate which are about or influenced by dreams. Some non dream focused posts are book reviews, "regular" poems (some by other writers), scifaiku, writing exercises, Tarot haiku, photos, haiga, and so on. However, most of those are in much older posts. There's a listing by month going back to early 2006, at the end of the sidebar.

* * * *
until next time, keep dreaming,

[a/k/a Patricia Kelly]
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At 2:07 PM , Blogger VCW said...

Intriguing look into your dream, as always. I am glad to see you are still posting. I have been languishing in the shadow of myself for sometime now, but maybe that has saved me. Hello again Patricia.

At 12:24 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

A lovely surprise to hear from you, Charlene. (Do I recall correctly? ... not Vera?) Yeah, still writing and taking pix and posting, after all these years. I think that's what saves me (takes me to a different state of consciousness, at least for a little bit). Are you writing and taking pix? Hope fall is treating you well. Ours is warming up after a cool (but wild-fire-filled) summer. I'm already looking forward to our Halloween party here. Had a blast last year and have my costume for this one all ready to go. Now I just have to hope my joints will be on the same page with the rest of me! Affectionately, Patricia

At 3:37 PM , Blogger VCW said...

OK, I finally got these comments to open. I thought you hadn't responded until I got your latest message by mail.I must have lost this one somewhere in the sling of the merry-go-round. Things have changed. I am starting to work on my book again. Not much but its a foot forward. I hope you have a great time at the Halloween party. I might have a bonfire. No party for me. I still enjoy my solitude out in the boondocks. Cyber friends are great! I have missed your wit and the near-yet-far aspect of our relationship.

At 12:40 PM , Blogger Roswila said...

I know how glitchy various comments (and email) systems can be, difficult to handle. I've never been fully comfortable with blogger's comment system. It's unwieldy. One has to go through more windows flapping up in front of one's face ... ! Do you get an email notice that I've posted a response to you? I can't remember if that's an option or not. But my comments system is set up to always send me an email notice when someone has made a comment. I then get to choose whether or not to post it. And solitude? A blessing in life. I intentionally spend many more hours alone, either in my rooms doing creative (and other sorts of) stuff, or out "on the road" now that I can take long walks again, than I do with people. Hope you're enjoying getting back to your book! The thought of a bonfire is lovely, if a bit scary right now, given the drought here in CA. I'll email soon ...


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