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Thursday, July 04, 2013

CONTINUUM (photo) by Roswila & "Taking flowers, taking leave" (dream poem) by Guest Poet Joseph Siegel

Taking flowers, taking leave

A Latino neighbor has come by
to cut some deep red roses.
While I could rightfully decry
the leave his act supposes,
in fact I'm glad to see him there
outside my parents' window.
Long-stem roses held with care.
His son looks up to him so.

I offer greetings, but I fear
that sadness overwhelms me.
It's displeasure that they hear,
their careful manner tells me.
How could they know I'm floundering?
My visit's nearly over.
My sorrow, looking round at things,
sees emblems of forever.

[dream poem by guest poet, Joseph Siegel, who can be reached at: I hope to post more of his work here in the future. Joseph also has been studying and composing music. You can hear some of his work at this page on (He would like you to know that the Portuguese fado is not his composition, but that he loves that genre of song -- heart-felt music of the people. Also, if you listen through the full cycle of works on the page, you will hear a gentle work of synthesized music, Nebulae -- not his either. Among his original works, he recommends "Dancing on the Sidewalk" and "A Matisse Morning" because the computer-produced piano sound is fairly natural and the pieces are rather cheerful.) Photo "Continuum" by Roswila]

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til next time, keep dreaming,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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