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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Demise of Pegasus Dreaming, With A Scifaiku

I mentioned in my first post that my web site, PEGASUS DREAMING: Dreams, Poetry & Tarot, would soon be more. The host site – Suite 101 – had given me two weeks’ notice that they would no longer be hosting sites. Although in Suite101's usual unreliable, unprofessional and uncommunicative manner they left Peg (as I think of PEGASUS DREAMING) up well past their own deadline date, it is now finally down as of yesterday.

I have already expressed my gratitude to contributors for whom I still have current contact information, and will again express my gratitude here to all who were part of Peg.

After six years; over 100 authors’ and artists’ work posted; many links, graphics, articles, quotes, and more; and over 41,000 visitors, I feel a strong need to acknowledge the passing of Peg. I had initially planned to reconstruct it elsewhere (it could not just be transferred wholesale to a new site, due to how Suite101 stores files), but now have come to feel that its time may well have passed. Should I change my mind in the future, I do have all the files necessary to reconstruct it at a new site.

I had not expected to be quite so sad when Peg was finally gone. I did know I had invested a great deal of creative effort and time in the process, but had not fully acknowledged how much heart I attempted to infuse into Peg. In that paradoxical way that losses have, although I feel a little piece of me has gone with Peg, it will also always be with me, guiding me with all I have learned this past six years.

You will note that this blog covers two of the three areas addressed by Peg – dreams and poetry. I will eventually be developing a second blog to address The Tarot. If you want to be notified when this Tarot blog is up, please email me to be put on a mailing list or keep checking in here for notice of it’s inception. (There is one article, and possibly more in the future, though, describing techniques for using The Tarot with poetry and dreams on this blog.)

It’s odd, but I’ve only written one poem (a scifaiku, below) about Pegasus, although Peg had many Pegasus graphics and poems by other authors. I’ve also very rarely had dreams about Pegasus:

the Pegasus brings us
safely to ground

(a scifaiku, written 2/06)

In a way, I feel that’s exactly what PEGASUS DREAMING has done now that these six years are over. Speaking for myself, it was a very good flight.

May we all take wing in ways we find rewarding.

Resource: Rich's Pegopedia, information about Pegasus.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


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