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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Beginning, with Two Poems and a Haiku

Hi! This is my first attempt at setting up a blog, so please bear with me as it and I progress.

I have a website, Pegasus Dreaming: Dreams, Poetry & Tarot, but have often wanted a place to be more personal. To post poems, dreams and thoughts that do not really fit the focus of Pegasus Dreaming, therefore a blog should do just fine.

Although Pegasus Dreaming is about to come to the end of its six year run, with over 100 authors' and artists' works shared, you might still be able to view it at:[note of May 2006 -- Pegasus Dreaming no longer exists.]

It's very long story as to why Pegasus Dreaming will soon be no more. I will say here briefly that the host site,, abruptly gave notice that they were no longer going to be hosting sites. And although they gave me a cut-off date of March 31 (with only two weeks notice) the site is still accessible as of today.

Now, I'm going to jump right in here and post two recent poems and one haiku. Taken together they pretty much speak to where I'm at in my life right now. I know it's all going some place better, so I just keep trudging, arthritic knees and all:

[See: Note @ bottom of post]

at this far end of the path
she’d never have expected
to be rending connections,
uprooting what little remained
of always fragile relationships,
one after the other,
and leaving their residue
by the wayside,
sad little heaps of compost

rather, she’d thought this end of life,
down into the unknown forest,
would be about mending, knitting
of the broken bones of things
that life had, willy nilly, tossed about
or that she had unwittingly or otherwise
fractured in the throes of pain and fear

but here she wanders, and on worse days
crawls, breaking, smashing open
what she stumbles over, hardened seed pods
whose withered hearts she reluctantly
leaves behind her

wondering how much more
breaking open she must bear
in order to find healing

* * * *

What worlds

What universes do I obliterate
when I do not honor the worlds in you
that lie behind your changeling eyes,

like the old shoemaker’s elves at night
doing all the too much and ever work?

We are all so much more
than we seem or know.

What worlds
What worlds

* * * *

fallen mirror:
numberless reflections
each holding the whole

By the way, I do not necessarily stick to the conventions of 5/7/5 syllables and a season word when writing haiku. I'll go more into all that in some future post, I'm sure. I won't be able to resist expressing my thoughts on writing haiku in English.

Well, that's certainly enough for a first post. Now, I have to get back to learning how this all works so I can make the blog look half way decent.

[NOTE AS OF 10-14-15, I have decided not to keep the first poem above ("composting") for a number of reasons. So it's been deleted from my computer and no paper copies exist anymore. I am leaving it up here as it's part of my first blog post ever.

'til next time, keep dreaming,

(If you wish to copy or use any of my writing or poems, please email me -- it's under "View my complete profile" -- for permission.)


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