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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nightmare Dream Series Explored And Two Dream-Based Haiku

I had intended this post to be about using Tarot with dreams, but then I had an extremely unusual evening of dreams that I want to talk about. Here's a haiku based on the first dreams of last night:

dipping again
and again into nightmares
ah, a restful dream

This is an experience I've never had with dreams. I extremely rarely even have nightmares, much less a series. I did not wake at all in this process. Though each time I dipped and quickly pulled out of a nightmare, realizing I was going into one, I dreamed I awoke. Then I dipped promptly into and out of another, different nightmare. Though I can't recall anything about any of the serial nightmares I dipped into, I do know they were all different. After this lengthy series of dipping in and out, I wound up in more restful dreaming. Though, it may have only felt restful by comparison to what went before. :-)

As I thought about this nightmare series after writing the above haiku, I had two thoughts about its source:

First, I wonder about "psychic" input. I have had experiences in the past of dreaming of a friend's late night conversation and other mild telepathic experiences in waking life. I'm also highly empathic. My roommate frequently cries out and talks in her sleep, very upset. (By the way, she is fine with me sharing this here.) When I got up after the nightmare series and subsequent restful dreams to go to the bathroom, I heard her tossing and crying out agitatedly. Could I have been picking up on her distress? I acknowledge the personal psychological level to last night's dreams (which I go into below) but knowing how multi-faceted dreams are, wonder if I weren't also tuning into her dreams.

And second, this nightmare series was clearly connected to a dream series I had much later last night (an evening's dreams often have a common thread):
no time off
computer glitches repeat
in my dreams

This later series of dreams was of continual repetition and frustration, and fairly realistic. The considerable amount of work I've been doing both word-processing my posts for this blog, and then learning to use and cope with the blog program, has been on occasion "nightmarish."

I can now hear that these dream series of fear and frustration, are what I was not aware I was feeling as old issues and problems resurface in my inner life, to be dealt with again and again.

Frightening, because I have been sensing, without knowing I was, that I have new insights coming that may be hard to accept. If the past is any indication, though, I will take them in. I also know that fearful anticipation is always harder to tolerate than the event itself. I wish that this awareness could calm my anxieties, but it rarely does.

Frustrating, because I have been doing "inner work" for almost 40 years. I do accept that, in some way, we are always in progress. But repetition doesn't feel much like progress.

However, and this is a very big "however," I need to remember that more often than not now, there are positive changes resulting as I face and deal with the repetition, no matter how frightening or frustrating.

One of the ways we learn is through repetition. May we learn from all our re-runs.

Resource:, you can keep an online dream journal here.

‘til next time, keep dreaming,


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